Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good comic with good writing may have good director for good adaptation

"The Walking Dead" is a kick-ass, totally realistic (if sometimes sadistic) postapocalyptic zombie survival tale (chances are if you're like me, you just popped a zombie chubby...that sounds awful). If you are reading this comic (which I pick up in graphic novel collections, only because were I to read it monthly, I would go mad waiting for the next installment...MAD I SAY), you know that it favors character development over zombie thrills (which nonetheless terrify the shit out of you) and it has no regard whatsoever for protecting characters you have grown attached to. It is, for lack of a better term, the Zombie Shit (that sounds soooo gross). So, how cool is it that the epic series is being eyed...AS A SERIES for AMC? Cue happy dance! Oh, and make your happy dance happy dancier, because Frank Darabont is helping develop the series! Yes, the guy behind (among other things) The Mist and Shawshank Redemption (by the way, if this show could be a blend of those two projects, it will be amazing). I can't tell you how crazy it is that a good idea has been picked up, turned into a good-sounding project (a series), and given to a good director/writer. I mean, this is zombie-fan nirvana (although, I'm guessing the real zombie-fan nirvana involves the corpse of Kurt Cobain). There's no hard-and-fast start date for the project, but they have such ample source material and it plays so much like a TV series in the comic form that I can't wait for this! The only concern I have is how far they will let the gore/blood go (and the sexy time, there's a lot of sexy time...what, like if you were in a zombie apocalypse with only a few survivors you would start with the sexy time?)! Anyway, I'm done, and this rules.

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