Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dude is...a dude?

Variety is reporting that Jeff Bridges, who just doesn't get enough love (seriously, the man was in Tron, Iron Man, and The Big Lebowski...he can quit and still come out on the top of the dork heap), is in talks to reteam with the Coen brothers for their remake of True Grit. I've thought long and hard about it and there was two ways I could go with this post. (1) I could ruminate about the nature of remakes, about how we bitch and kvetch but then something comes along that stops us in our tracks. Like, say, the Coen's remaking a movie that one John Wayne an Oscar. Why is watching that any different than seeing Julie Taymor's take on "The Lion King" or any one of the million innovative versions of Shakespeare's plays? Nobody cries "REMAKES SUCK!" when they see a new staging of "Death of a Salesman." Hell, even Marvel Comics pulled a great one with their "Ultimates" line, which was basically a remake of their best stuff. OR (2) I could just show a clip from Lebowski. I'm tired folks. (Warning NSFW language...but you knew that).

That clip really tied this post together. God I love that movie.

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