Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He who let the right one in, gets let in

Here's how it works...when you make a movie as good as Let the Right One In, like Tomas Alfredson did, I will grant you a no-holds-barred free pass on your next movie. I'm going to see it no matter what. Like, even if Alfredson decided that his next film was going to be about a 1931 sex change operation and star Nicole Kidman. Wait...his next movie is The Danish Girl, which is about the first official sex change operation in 1931 and will star Nicole Kidman? Holy sarcastic poorly written foreshadowing joke, Batman! All joking (okay, some joking) aside, this is actually pretty cool. The plight of transgendered individuals is a tough one, and the film will require a deft touch...and Alfredson is Most Deft (oh, come on, that's a fantastic hip-hop pun and those don't happen often). Alfredson is also in line to direct Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Spy, which is a cool title that demonstrates how bad ass a series of commas can be (it's the punctuation you do not want to f**k with). Now, I know that nobody would recommend picking Kidman to rely on after her recent string of mega-duds (seriously, her role in Australia should have been listed as supporting cast to her lips, which are now completely separate entities that have gained intellect thanks to mutant Botox). That said, this sounds like a complex role, she was once a really respected actress, and Alfredson has proven himself as someone capable of getting great performances from children. If he can do children, he can do Nicole Kidman's lips. I meant that as a compliment but I feel like it is going to be read as exhibit A in Alfredson's ban from Facebook.

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