Friday, September 11, 2009

Super sounds familiar...

I frakkin' LOVED Vh1's reality show "Scream Queens." Now, before you judge me (A) this is one of the three shows on Vh1 that does not appear to be based on quarantining syphilitic groupies in spot, and (B) here are exhibits of why I loved it.

Exhibit 1

Seriously, I would have made a pants deposit on that one myself. Scaring hot chicks who want to be actresses and think that the grand prize of (not making this up) starring in Saw VI is their ticket to fame is about as good as TV gets.

Exhibit 2

See, kind of wish you'd watched the show now don't you. That guy who fully admitted that he was not in any way looking at that naked attractive chick's eyes was James Gunn, who is pretty cool. He used to be married to Jenna Fischer from "The Office," so super extra bonus points there too. Variety announced that Gunn and Rainn Wilson (yes, one of his ex-wife's colleagues) are teaming up for Super, which Gunn wrote and will direct because we don't have enough superhero movies. On his blog, Gunn explained a bit more. Basically it's a "dark, comedic, gritty, very unusual, and grounded film" (Gunn's words) about a non-powered superhero with a crowbar who gets a sidekick (Ellen Page) and whose wife (Liv Tyler) is upset. It sounds incredibly generic and a bit like Defendor, which may steal Gunn's thunder, and I think officially may usher in the second phase of the superhero movie: the "meta superhero movie." With Kick-Ass forthcoming along with Defendor, I imagine a lot of smaller productions will begin their "totally fresh" take on the genre, basically doing what Hancock claimed it was going to do before totally sucking. We'll see how many of these actually stick. For the record, I'll give Gunn's project the benefit of the doubt based on casting and the fact that he involves himself in shows like the one above. "And by record, I mean vagina" should really be on t-shirts everywhere.

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