Friday, October 2, 2009

Like a tornado, I'm coming for this trailer park!

Again, if you've been following the saga of this week, you know that it's a slow, slow, slow one. So, instead of attempting to entertain you with my dazzling wit (and by dazzling wit I of course mean insulting jokes about famous people and pointless lewd comments), I've decided to blow your GD mind with a trailer explosion! Like an F5 tornado, I'm about to blow through these trailers like God commanded NASCAR fans be punished for their sins!

First up is a 5-minute clip for 2012, the dumbest movie I kind of want to see. This disaster movie is from people whose last disaster movie ended not with disaster but with a fight between Jake Gylllllllenhaaaaal and some CGI wolves...I also watch that movie every time it's on cable, which is like 10 times a week.

See, I've now killed 5 minutes of your day. More? Okay, howsabout a trailer for a movie that shot (for a whole afternoon) in Omaha and that may just be nominated for (if not win) an Oscar?! Up in the Air is at the very tippy top of movies I want to see right now (maybe just beneath Where the Wild Things Are), and looks to be that perfect blend of funny and tragic. Jason Reitman is going to be one of the more important filmmakers of this generation. Howabout that?

Crazy about the new Zombieland movie, what about another zombie movie that looks intriguing? I like Timothy Olyphant, I like plausible zombie movies, and I like survival horror. Check, check, check for The Crazies remake.

Okay, at this point, I could put up a trailer for The Rock in The Tooth Fairy, but I like you guys. So I won't do that. I'll just leave it at this for you. Happy Friday.

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