Friday, October 2, 2009

See bad-ass chick movie with bad-ass chicks

During the screening of Zombieland on Tuesday, my wife and I had the pleasure of sitting next to two of the few people not shouting like they had Tourette's syndrome. Seriously, as near as we could guess, the organizers for the screening went to a high-school detention and started handing out passes. The entire waiting period before the movie started consisted of people shouting each other's names across the theater and discussing at high volume whether or not "those two will totally make out the whole time." Zombieland is rated R, so it was surprising to see half of underage Omaha there. Also, if the friggin' screening police had spent a fraction less time worrying about whether my hoodie secretly contains an entire recording studio and more time worrying about whether prepubescents should be seeing the film, I may have held on to a few slices of sanity. Anyway, the two lovely and obviously wickedly bad-ass gals we sat next to ended up being Omaha Roller Girls, a fact only slightly less cool than the fact that one of them was wearing a hat of Animal from the Muppets (always fashionable and coveted). In addition to finding out some of the finer points of Roller Derby (which, apparently, has rules and stuff), they reminded me about the Whip It premiere thing that they're doing at The Rave Theatre tonight at 6 pm. They'll be there to sign autographs and watch the movie, which will start sometime after 6.
For more info, check out Now, I haven't seen Whip It!, but I support it in concept, if only because it doesn't seem totally hypocritical as a movie: It's about female empowerment and it's written by a woman, based on a book by that woman, and directed by a woman who also produced it. It is an occurrence as rare as an original and well-written Dane Cook joke. So head down to the Rave tonight and support the movie and the Roller Girls, they're good people.

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