Monday, October 5, 2009

Sweet God in heaven?! Comic book to become....MOVIE?

In what can only be described as the single most interesting and important thing to ever happen to movies from 10:12 am to 10:13 am on Monday, October 5, 2009, Variety is reporting that Mandeville films bought the rights to "Cla$$War," which is not a hilarious comedy about poor people rising up against the modern American aristocracy. Nope, it's a comic book that looks like this (side note - Humanity has undergone immeasurable evolution and yet men still draw superheroine boobies in ways that defy gravity and logic.)$$war_interior-705607.jpg
No, this gem is a comic about a super soldier known as "The American" (hmmm, super soldier with American in his name...that's a Captain idea) who discovers some political secrets and does heroic things. The series was pretty much overlooked, came from a company called Com.x (who I'm not even sure makes comics anymore), and ran for just 2 years. This really is just further proof that people will buy any idea if it's in comic book form these days. They make like 200 million different comic series, and despite what my wife says I only buy about half of them. Thing is, a good, good number of them are terrible. I am a fan of comics turning into movies in general (and studios love it because they're already visually based), but these moves lately are the equivalent of going to a karaoke bar and signing everyone who warbles through "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" without vomiting on themselves to a 4-album deal. Not every comic deserves to be a movie...not every comic deserves to be a comic for that matter. This is just a friendly reminder from your grumpy Monday morning asshole.

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