Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and Other Predictions

First and foremost, let's clean out the icky energy from last week. Let's shake it off like a dog who just got wet, like when you stomp your boots on a doormat after walking through snow, like when you watch a rerun of "The Office" you've watched 2,000 times before bed just to relax yourself. What better way to do that than this?
Whew. Okay. See, no hard feelings, Evangeline darling. It's not your fault that they made your episode suckity suck suck. I have high, high hopes for this week. Not only is the title ("The Substitute") suggestive of the greatest episodes of "Lost" ("The Constant" and "The Variable"), but it's a Locke-centric episode (which means we get more of Terry O'Quinn as OLD Locke in the "flash-sideways" and likely lots of him as new, Fake-Locke...Flocke...in the "Island timeline").

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't need every episode to be an answer-fest, but I do need it to be interesting. I think we're still in for one more episode of the gang at the temple being trapped in the temple (sigh), and we're about to get another famous "walking through the jungle barely discussing things while we move characters into position" episodes. BUT, if one of the characters walking through the jungle is Flocke, I'm down with that.

No more meandering, here's my predictions for "The Substitute:"

1.) No Claire-bear - In what is a classic "Lost" move, I am guessing we'll get VERY little of the Claire storyline. They'll probably just pause it for an episode while they switch the focus narratively across the island to Flocke (who didn't appear last episode). That's usually a good thing, considering that Claire is as vital to my entertainment as a tooth infection. But in this case, I'm curious as to what her storyline holds. Still, my prediction (which is almost always wrong), we're not going to find out squat about that stuff tonight.

2.) The BIG news! - I think we're going to get something big tonight. Whenever they name these episodes things that call into our memory GREAT episodes, they often do not drop the ball. I think we're going to find out Flocke's real name tonight, but not what he wants, not where his home is, and not anything near his end game. I think he'll reveal it to Sawyer, to whom it will mean nothing.

3.) What about you? - Where's Ben? You don't go four hours into a new season without showing off your most Emmy-nominated and well-loved character over the last 3 seasons, right? Ben HAS to play more of a role tonight. I'm going to guess that tonight we start to see more of him recovering from the shock of what he's done and starting to scheme and game a bit more. This is who Ben IS. He doesn't sulk and pout, he goes psychotic and starts making wild and crazy schemes! I think we're going to see a bit of regrouping on his part...that he's going to start figuring out how to get back at Flocke. He may still have a vital role yet to play in setting things right...oh, not because he intends to do the right thing, but because he's a revenge-seeking lunatic who just got wronged by a demigod of some kind.

4.) Desmond or Faraday, take your pick - One of the two SHOULD appear tonight. Why? Well, the title of the show kind of demands it, right? Those two are the ones most closely tied to the time-travel equations and whatnot. Perhaps one or both show up in Locke's flash-sideways? I can't say for sure, but I do know that it would be wrong to keep them out of this episode, even if it's in some fleeting, passing way. They spent SO much time building up Desmond's time travel abilities that to just toss him away when things have taken their weird final turn seems wrong. He was what was in the hatch! The answer to the first great "Lost" question! Let's see him get involved again. Or Faraday, he's cool too.

5.) Sayid kills someone - This is an actual prediction tonight. I don't think we're getting a TON of the temple stuff, but we'll get some. After building up Sayid as being "claimed," I think we'll start seeing it. Maybe he'll ice a temple guard or two, forcing Jack to consider whether or not he SHOULD kill Sayid. My hope is that we begin to find out more about Dogen and the temple gang (like, is that a Mayan temple? How long has Dogen been there? Are they warriors or more like monks?), but I doubt it. So as revenge, Sayid will kill a few.

I have high, high hopes for this one, which will likely be dashed given how desperately in love I am with this show. Don't break my heart a second time, gang. Bring the goods. With one great episode, people will be buzzing about the forward momentum going late into this season. Don't blow it on what may be the last Locke-centric episode ever. God, that nearly made me tear up.

Enjoy fellow Losties! And don't forget to share your opinions and ideas. I know last week wasn't a particularly rich one for that, but this week's hopefully is!

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Anonymous James Syrek said...

Any thoughts on how the Others nabbed Locke's father and brought him to the island, and also knew this was the man who swindled Sawyer's father? Besides testing Locke's ability to lead the others, why did they want Cooper killed so bad, even enough to go to Locke as Richard did, and give him Sawyer's file, to convince Locke to put Sawyer and this man in the same room together, so Sawyer could do it?

I always thought this was Richard's darkest moment, as of now. He seemed to be insistent that this man be killed. Did Jacob order this?

And with that said, if Jacob appeared to Locke when Locke was pushed out the window...I just wonder what Jacob knows about Locke, and if he already knew Locke would present MIB's loophole opportunity, and if so, does he have a counter-plan already in place?

February 16, 2010  

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