Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sick on a big day...I will REEEESIIIIIST!

I don't have some kind of supermonkey disease like last time, but I will say this: After having fended off invading bacteria and viruses brought home by my wife, "Chemical Abbie," I took her to the doctor twice, sat in the waiting room, and promptly picked up some kind of bug. Mmm, doctor's offices, the place you go if you're not sick but want to get that way. I'm fighting this minor ailment in the way of my father, his father, and likely his father before him: I'm sleeping to the point of quasi-hibernation. So what could possibly rouse me from my slumber? Wait, before I get into that, a quick side note, I found out what that spasm-like jerk is that happens sometimes when you're just about to fall asleep! The process of sleep is like dying, so sometimes your body confuses the two and gives you a shot of adrenaline. Badass! Anyhoodle. What could possibly rouse me from my slumber?!?!

Tomorrow, in Lincoln Nebraska, this INSANELY important bill is being discussed. Designed to remedy the fact that we're one of a shameful EIGHT states that don't have ANY tax incentives for movies to film in Nebraska, this bill called The Nebraska Creative Economy Act is just epically and monumentally important to putting this great state on Hollywood's map. You want jobs? You like money? You want attention and press? You GET MOVIES TO FILM IN YOUR STATE. Beyond the whole liberal angle of fostering art (which, you know, kind of speaks to me), this is something BOTH parties can get behind: There's no cost to Nebraska (movies weren't coming here before, all this can do is make them come here now) , it can only serve to stimulate our economy, and it can start ASAP. Alexander Payne WANTS to make a movie here but can't until we convince his studio that it's okay. Up in the Air (the now multiple-Oscar nominated George Clooney film) wanted to film more scenes here but ended up in Missouri because they had better breaks. MISSOURI PEOPLE. MISSOURI!

So, your support now needs to take shape by doing the following:

1.) Go HERE and find your Senatorial representative in the Nebraska legislature (if you click on the linked number, it will take you to an email address).
2.) If you'd rather call, go HERE to find the phone number at the Capitol building at which to leave them a message voicing your support for The Nebraska Creative Economy Act (LB1073)
3.) If you're IN Lincoln, attend the hearing TOMORROW! It's open to the public, you can let your voice be heard! If you're not in Lincoln (or have to work), you can view the hearing ONLINE.
Go to http://www.netnebraska.org/publicmedia/capitol.html
Click on Hearing Room #1524

This is important, guys. This is the intersection of meaningful local legislation and FILM! We need to do this together! If it helps, here's the letter I sent my senator. You can feel free to use it as a template!

"February 2, 2010

Dear Senator,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this message during what is surely a busy time for you. I wanted to take this opportunity to voice my full-fledged support for Nebraska's Creative Economy Act (LB1073). As an avid supporter of film as art, and as a Nebraskan, I feel that we are overdue for a bill that would allow the same types of incentives for multi-million dollar movie productions seen in 42 other states. Not only are we failing to foster a thriving artistic film community, we are missing out on revenue that has gone to surrounding states, such as Missouri when Up in the Air chose to film in that state despite expressing a desire to film in ours based solely on tax incentives. The risks are few, as if the productions do not come, we do not lose tax income. The gains are man, as if they do come, it will stimulate local economies, result in job growth and creation, and help bring outside revenue into the state. I urge you to put your full support behind this legislation, as it is what's good for Nebraska and what's right for the artistic community.

Ryan Syrek"

You don't have to use that exact wording, but if it's easier for you to cut and paste, roll with it. Let's get this thing going people.

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