Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 20)

Wow! I can hardly believe I've asked for 20 weeks worth of things...and that no one has sent me anything for free. I know that other bloggers are drowning in swag, and yet I remain swagless. 'Tis a pity. A real pity. If you want to remedy this pity, send me an email at I'll give you an address to send swag to. You'll be famous! I'll promote you! You'll be rich! I'll stop bitching!!! It's a win, win. Or, as Michael Scott would say, a win, win, win.

Here's what you should buy me (or send me) this week:

1.) Raymond Carver as graphic designer - How rad are these posters?

You can buy them for fairly cheap and there are tons of great ones. They're just so inherently classy I can barely stand it! People will think you're so smart and stuff if you have this on your wall. I mean, maybe not if you get the Magnum PI one, but still. Cool as hell, right? This is a British site, so be warned. You'll have to speak English to figure out how to order them.

2.) These mints hyRULE! - I really just want the tin. Thinkgeek, of course, makes this awesome Legend of Zelda mints.

After you've reached your max on delicious breath, you can keep your pills in there. I'm not getting old, why would someone suggest I'm getting old? Seriously, though, how great looking is that tin? Even if you kept spare change in there, you'd get extra cool points.

3.) I have a flask with an inscription in German that translates to something involving a shark - So how am I not going to love this shirt?

Threadless has this beauty. In an age when our influence is declining, we should find a way to be proud and threatening. This is both.

Yay patriotism. See you tomorrow.

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