Friday, February 5, 2010

Wait, so someone still wants the Terminator after what McG did?

God did I hate Terminator Salvation. It's the type of movie that, the more I think about it, the more I just want to pummel the assholes who made it. No lie, I think I would fist fight McG, I really do. How hard is it to make a good Terminator movie? It's a killer robot movie with a built in apocalypse, cool-ass terms like "judgment day," and tons and tons of source material to draw from. You have to almost be trying to make a piece of crap to make a piece of crap like Terminator Salvation. Anyway, as you may know, the rights to the whole series are up for grabs right now, because the Halcyon group is selling them off after McG douched the company into chapter 11. Until now, Lionsgate had the top bid at $15 million, but Variety is reporting that Sony has made a last minute bid. On the one hand, I don't care anymore. On the other, I think Terminator is the world's biggest tease. We keep getting these glimpses of how cool it could be...but then right when we're about to get that coolness, it's yanked away from us. There is every chance to make something awesome happen with this series, provided you get the right people involved. Given what's happened lately, though, Sony will probably buy it and then reimagine it as a romantically themed property for tweens. Twilight meets Terminator! That reminds me of this:

Great, huh. Look for an announcement on Monday of who the sad son of a bitch is that is now officially responsible for this mess of a franchise. Nobody really wins here.

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