Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I don't have Netflix. Oh, I did...but I tend to rent movies RIGHT THEN. I don't like planning shit out, I don't like the fancy queue...hell, I don't like the WORD queue. It's spelled funny and I hate it. So what I did was, I started renting my movies like they did waaay waaay back in the olden times, by going to a "Blockbuster." For those who don't know, "Blockbuster VIDEO" is a store where angry, incompetent teenagers can act as though they've never before used a computer while moving at the speed of Abe Vigoda. They cater to the elite clientele of smelly, angry people and mothers who have at least 13 children, all of whom are permitted to run around the store bumping into paying customers as though the children were pinballs and the customers were bumpers. Sounds glorious, right? Well, Home Media Magazine is reporting that Blockbuster is reinstating late fees. Oh, yes, that's right. You Netflix folks don't know what that is. Okay, a late fee is where you get charged more for keeping something longer. This is supposed to encourage you to bring the rental back but is really just a way for a store that's declining rapidly in popularity to recoup some extra money. It's sort of like those extra bank fees that the White House just made credit cards stop raping you with. With Netflix now offering streaming rentals to my Blu-Ray player and X-Box 360...I'm about ready to say eff Blockbuster in the A. I disagree with the mentality that you can't run a brick-and-mortar rental business. You can. You just have to give people a reason to go there. What Blockbuster is doing is giving me LOTS of reasons NOT to go there. So, thanks Blockbuster, you're morons.

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