Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and Other "Lost" Predictions

You know why I love this show? Two quick stories: (1) I woke up on Monday to find two insanely detailed, well-researched emails from a friend of mine detailing various theories and ideas regarding "Lost." Those emails were sent at 4 in the morning. (2) I have a different friend who owns a "Lost" T-shirt and wants to wear it every Tuesday but worries what people would think. Both of these things are awesome. More than anything what I love about this show is the community...and by community I mean the gathering of friends to share ideas on the internets and other places (even in real life...can you believe that?) and not the NBC show "Community." But that gives me an excuse to do this:

Every time I get that excuse. Funniest show on TV. I submit that as exhibit A. Now, back to the "Lost" at hand. Some interesting thoughts have sprung up recently and I'm going to share them in whatever whacked out, random order I think of them:

1.) Jin is the candidate - I've been thoroughly convinced by the two aforementioned emails above, the gist of which is this: The name Kwon refers to Jin because Sun wasn't yoinked out of Ajira like the other candidates. Jack, Hurley, and Kate were but Sun was not. It would also explain how Jin survived that explosion that he shouldn't have on the freighter. Sun isn't being pulled through time or anything because she's not the chosen one. Many people have theorized this based on the gender idea, that only MEN are on the list to replace Jacob. Those people are misogynists and you should hit them.

2.) Purged - This is a troubling question for me: If Jacob's people are supposed to be good because Jacob's the good guy, why do they do awful, awful things like babby napping, terrorizing innocent beach goers, and slaughtering all of the Dharma initiative. Yes, you could say it was "part of a bigger plan" or "what was best for the island," but that kind of sucks as an answer. They gassed an entire group of people who, by and large, weren't bad people. There was NO other way to stop them? Come on. I think there are only two choices: (1) The Man in Black has some influence over "Jacob's people." Think about it, when Flocke came out of the temple, he turned and said he was "disappointed in all of them." We know he can LOOK like other people in his Smoke form, we know that the Others had some measure of contact with him (Ben summoned him for Pete's sake), and we know that he's a nasty piece of work who roamed free throughout the series in smoke form. I think there's reason to believe he manipulated, or was even PERMITTED by Jacob through the "deal" or "rules" to also influence the Others. That's one answer. The second one is tougher, but cool somewhat. (2) Jacob did it. Yeah, it's that easy. My cousin James and I have had a debate about Jacob. He flat-out doesn't like him. I do. I think he's the best metaphor for God I've ever seen. He does maddening things that we can't understand, things that can't be easily explained, things that sound really bad (think natural disasters, children dying, horrible diseases and so on) but that he claims are for a greater purpose. Most boring shows try to do a simplistic, pleasing "God is magic and nice" approach. No matter what your religion is, that's pretty much not true. Every faith must struggle with why "bad things happen to good people" and such. And what's awesome is every believer must struggle with these two ideas: Either bad things happen because evil is present and powerful or because God lets it happen or causes it. It's interesting we're debating this, huh.

3.) Bring. Back. CHRISTIAN. NOW. DAMMIT. - I'm just about done waiting. He's been important in every season and yet they're holding him back now. That's irritating as piss. I need to see him...NOW.

4.) Building promos - This is so much fun. ABC's contest about building a promo with their clips is ridiculously enjoyable. I made this one really quick. It focuses on Jack, because I think he's most important to the show. I want to play around more. The software kind of sucks (note the weird cut off of the Kate clip in that promo I made...which happened for no reason), but it's still a blast.

Okay, now on to the meat and potatoes of the week. After last week's tissue filling (WITH TEARS) episode wherein Ben Linus was redeemed we are now moving to RICHARD ALPE...oh, that's next week. Dammit. We're now moving on to...Sawyer? What? Why? Because everyone gets a wrap-up episode? Ugh. I like him a lot...but this has all the makings of an infamous "everybody walks through the jungle not asking the questions they should ask" episode.

Here are my predictions, sure to be wrong for "Recon"

1.) Sawyer no more- I think the prediction of death for someone is going to be a semi-weekly occurrence at this point. This is the final season. We only have like 10 hours left. NOBODY HAS DIED. Remember, killing someone on the island time doesn't mean they're off the show, so why haven't we seen the stakes raised yet? Maybe tonight. I love Sawyer, I do, and I hope this episode shows Josh Holloway to be the actor I know he can be at times...but I hope it means something and isn't just a walky-talky episode.

2.) Sideways revealed! - Doc Jensen had the coolest idea today. He asked a question I guess others may have asked but I haven't: How many flash sideways worlds are we seeing? We're ASSUMING that there's only one. We don't know that. I think we're going to HAVE to start seeing some info about WHAT these flash sideways worlds (or world) are and we're going to have to do it soon. I think that there's a chance Sawyer's side flash won't be another boring and stupid con, but rather something more meaningful. Oh, it will probably just be him like raising his daughter or something, but I'd LOVE it if he ran into Jack or Jin/Sayid. This prediction actually just means that we find out something significant about the flash sideways tonight. It's generic, but nobody is keeping score.

3.) Less of Widmore - Despite the awesome ending last week, Widmore's sub arrival, I think we'll get little if any of him this week. That's why they shoehorned that scene into last week's episode and not the beginning of this week. It's my least favorite thing about "Lost," the fragmented storytelling. All I want is to know more about Widmore. Why did Jacob WANT him to come to the island? Is Widmore a good guy or a bad guy? If he's been pit against Ben, who WAS working for Jacob, does that mean he's bad? What's his plan? That's a tiny sub, did he literally just want to get there and stay, was that all he wanted? The idea of immortality keeps popping up about this guy, and we know now that Jacob's touch can give that. Oh, the guys on Entertainment Weekly discussed the "gifts" of Jacob today and theorized that the "gift" doesn't always mean immortality. I disagree. I think it does. The reason they gave for thinking it didn't always mean immortality was that Jacob touched Sawyer and Kate as children and they seem to have aged, obviously. Well, I don't think that they don't age, I think that they don't die. I think that they're allowed to grow into adulthood and then just stay there. I don't think the touch means something different across the board. Then again, I'm almost always wrong.

4.) Boring - Sorry. This is going to be a boring episode. After like 3-4 awesome episodes and with the Richard Alpert backstory coming next week (I swear I could pee right now), this is DESTINED to be a boring episode. It's called "Recon" for God's sake. Not "Action" or "Doin' Stuff" but "Recon," which is the act of watching while trying to figure out a plan. I do agree with Ben, my office mate not the formerly evil island ruler, that we're going to spend the episode playing the "is Sawyer ACTUALLY on the side of the Man in Black or just pretending?" If we can just not stretch out that unneeded non-mystery (as in, if we could just find out TONIGHT and not in 5 weeks that Sawyer is on the side of good), that would be great.

5.) Sayid kills someone - Here's my vision:

Scene 27

Camera opens on Flocke's group, trudging through the jungle. Sayid, Kate, Claire, and Flocke are at the front of the pack. One of the children that Cindy the stewardess is watching makes a noise. Flocke rolls his eyes and looks at Sayid.

I got this.

Sayid walks back, crouches down, stares at the kid. Inches from his face. His sweaty, curly hair grazes the kid's eyes. The kid flinches.
Shut. Up.


Ah, ah. SHUT. UP.

He's just a...

Sayid snaps Cindy's neck. Turns to the camera and says:

Turns out she's not important to this show's resolution at all. Sorry people who really love the stewardess.


I'm just saying, if somehow Sayid kills Cindy tonight, it will be like winning the $250 million powerball without buying a ticket for me.

Okay, that's it. I'm always excited for "Lost," even when I'm not that excited for an individual episode. Hopefully we get something unexpected out of the deal (come on CHRISTIAN!). See you tomorrow for rambling reviews and, as always, feel free to comment and discuss here or somewhere. You know you want to.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a thought- see what you think:
In the Flash Sideways for Sayid, he ends up giving in and using violence when he doesn't want to, leading me to think at the time that he's just destined to be that way. With or without the Island, he's still, essentially, the same Sayid. Then came Ben's Flash Sideways, where he does something completely different and redeeming. On the Island, he is also somewhat redeeming himself by sticking with Ilana and not going with MIB. So are we seeing our characters choose sides/go good or bad in the real world as we see them do the same on the Island? If that's the case, what the heck is up with Kate? Her Flash Sideways did nothing to illuminate her Island life...so maybe she IS a goner.

March 16, 2010  
Blogger Ryan said...

Interesting...I don't know how they're matching up. I really don't. Although this sort of sounds like someone who really wants Kate dead. My guess is that the two worlds won't merge, they'll collide.

March 16, 2010  

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