Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things You Should Buy Me (Volume 24)

Mad, mad props to newly discovered blog I'm going to be featuring 3 items from their site today, so you should all go give them mad hits so that they know how much I value their badassery. I would like to point out though that they probably get free swag from some of the places that they feature, whereas I have gotten squatto, which is not like Quatto (the mutant from Total Recall). The offer still stands for me to give my address out to people who email with promises of free crap. I promote well. I'm funny. I can write haikus about your product. I guarantee exposure to literally dozens of eyes. I don't see a downside here.

Anyway, here's the crap I want for free this week (inspired by NerdApproved...and by inspired by, I mean that's where I saw all this stuff).

1.) My ears want to look cool, too! - Here we have the first awesome item, Marvel comics headphones, which come in various flavors, including Hulk, Iron Man, Punisher, and X-Men...but shocking not Spider-man. Although that last fact makes me sad, I can't be too broken up because these retro X-Men ones look rad.

Now, I'm not sure of the sound quality, and they are $40. So, I should have someone GIVE me a pair so that I can also rave about how great they sound! See, this is just good marketing people. I know that "ear buds" are the thing, but sometimes I hate them. Sometimes I want good old fashioned cupping earphones, the kind that make me feel like a tiny person is holding my ears.

2.) Beer pouch hoodie? Yesplease!!!! - I have to tell you guys, this NerdApproved site is the total shit. They are pretty much perfect and hit every nerd bone in my body. Here they have a hoodie that has a pocket for your beer.

Look at that. LOOK AT IT! You can keep your BEER IN YOUR SWEATSHIRT. It's genius, GENIUS I SAY! It's plain gray, but you can always embroider something hysterical on it like "Bring Da Amber Lamps" or something. I love it. If that doesn't say "for use while watching the Chicago Bears" I don't know what does.

3.) Coolest notebooks EVER - Okay, so seriously, you can spend HOURS combing through this NerdApproved site. One of the more practical nerdy things I found was this:
Those are notebooks that LOOK like passports from crazy foreign countries. A set of 4 is like $16 bucks. I use little notebooks a lot. How COOL would it be for you to open up your briefcase and just have a ton of these in there. You would look like a spy. Ladies would throw themselves at you. I need these.

Okay, that's it for today. Seriously, though, do yourself a favor and check out NerdApproved. Good stuff and some funny writing. I approve!


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