Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am posting this out of a duty to several close personal friends of mine. One in particular, Mr. David DeMarco, is an aficionado of all things 80s cartoon. There was an entire Christmas party I attended once where all we did was sit around naming cartoons and listen to Dave sing the theme song (even the ones without words, he'd hum...you'd think you could stump him, but the man knows the theme to the animated "Rubik's Cube" show, and even Jesus wants to forget about that one). Anyhoodle, this next bit falls so deeply within that wheelhouse that I would be remiss for not presenting it here. A few years ago (see, this isn't even particularly new news), the studio that did the CGI TMNT movie (which a different friend of mine swears was made just for him...which explains why he saw it in a theater practically by himself) made a test clip for a potential Gatchaman movie. For those who don't know, Gatchaman is Japanese for "Cape-wearing weirdos who look like the characters from "Voltron," including fat guy and pretty girl, but don't have a giant robot and instead have a plane." Because that translation was waaaaay too many words for a show title, when it was brought over stateside in the 80s, we called it "Battle of the Planets," even though that makes me think of Mars punching Venus in the junk over the way the latter looked at Saturn. Long write-up made somewhat shorter: The movie hasn't been made and may never be, but we can now stare upon what would have been.

Now, to me, this looks like an average video-game-cut-scene. That said, it's not the final product and does have some promise. What say you, nerdlings? Seeing as how the entire internets picked up on this footage (which I swear I saw a year ago) just this week, is this a sign we should be championing the cause to make this clip a full-movie, or is our time best spent doing something more valuable to society, like crocheting?

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Blogger David DeMarco said...

I had forgotten about that Christmas party...if only I could forget the Rubik theme song. That Gatchaman trailer thingy looked totally badass. I was a fan of Battle of the Planets growing up (also known as G-Force in some circles).

April 20, 2010  

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