Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and Other "Lost" Predictions

Okay, I didn't get a chance to recap last week's surprisingly good (not that it was great) episode, "The Package." I'll give that one a quick grade of a B and move on to the two things that it made me most think about...as in: I HAVE SOLVED "LOST!" (As in: yeah, right)

Reflection number one: The flash sideways may be CURRENTLY taking place. Okay, what I mean is this: The whole season we've seen these things as a "separate reality" or something that takes place either as an alternative to what we've been watching on the island time or something that takes place after the island time. I propose that it is taking place at the same time and on the island. What do I mean? Given the fact that the only characters who really appear in these stories are people who have been on the island, I'm wondering if this isn't some Matrix-style trick that the Man in Black is playing? What if he's somehow tricking them into thinking that they're living in that reality? Like, I imagine them all standing in a room (say, room 23) with smoke billowing around them. He can't kill them, because it's against "the rules," so he tricks them into thinking they're not there anymore. They're in some other reality. Yet, even then, even in this fictional world, they know it isn't right. Things start to go wrong and instead of being in some perfect utopia that keeps them satisfied and out of the fight, they begin to realize things aren't right. Just a thought, but I'm beginning to wonder if we haven't been thinking about these flash sideways all wrong since the beginning.

Reflection number two: This one I'm way more sure about. Desmond is the weapon that Widmore brought to destroy the Man in Black. That is his destiny. Just like it is Jack's destiny to take over for Jacob, it is Desmond's to be the weapon against this evil man. Why? Well, this is where the pseudo-science comes in. Desmond was at the center of the electromagnetic kablooey that happened. He was bathed in pure electromagnetism. Whatever keeps the island as "the cork" that contains evil manifests itself scientifically as "electromagnetism." Desmond is literally the physical embodiment of the forces on the island that physically pin the Man in Black where he is. Desmond isn't just "the package" that was brought on the sub. Explosive devices and bombs are also often called "packages."

Okay, that's my thoughts leftover from last week. Let's dive into this week's episode.

My predictions for "Happily Ever After"

1.) It's gonna be a doozy - This is one the show creators have written and it is being directed by Jack Bender, who is directing the finale and has directed almost all of the "major" episodes. I would fully anticipate that this is going to be a full-on, gut-punching rollercoaster ride that gives us not only some real, huge, significant answers but fully resolves one of the major characters on the show. I think Desmond is getting his goodbye finally. But wait, you're thinking, how can this be if you think he's the "weapon" against the MiB? Read on.

2.) Desmond is going to render the MiB vulnerable - I think that whatever it is that makes the MiB totally immune to, say, having a knife plunged in his chest is about to be taken away by Desmond. I think that he is going to have some kind of encounter with Flocke, and things will be different immediately thereafter. My guess is that the MiB will know that he's been hurt or damaged in some way and will instantly start freaking out. I think the first shot of the "war" will be fired by Desmond.

3.) Desmond...will live - First off, if you label the episode "Happily Ever After" and then kill a fan-favorite character, you're kind of a bunch of assholes. Now, this isn't to say that the group hasn't proved them to be just that before (cough, Charlie, cough). But I have a hard time believing they'd do that here. Here's my problem: I thought we had a nice little sendoff for Desmond already. I figured he was done and gone, with a baby and everything. To drag him back and give him another happy sendoff feels unnecessary, unless he somehow is the key to unlocking some major mysteries. I won't lie to you, something about all of this is more confusing to me than most things that have come before. I'm wondering if he'll be the key to unlocking the sideways or the island...I'm just not all that sure.

4.) Christian returns - I know this is becoming the new "Sayid kills someone" but seriously....WHERE IS CHRISTIAN? This is insane?! He hasn't appeared AT ALL this season after being teased as a MAJOR player for years now. If we are going to be expected to have any connection to his eventual and inevitable return, we have to see the dead daddy NOW!!!! I refuse to accept that he is going to be dismissed. Then again, what do I know.

5.) Sayid kills someone - Well, duh. I mean, did you SEE that creepy-ass creepy, creepy look he gave to Desmond? That is insane. He came out of the water like some kind of monster. Does he even breathe anymore? We know he doesn't "feel," whatever that means. He's become some kind of robo-killing machine. An Iraqi-torturer turned friggin' creature from the black lagoon. What the hecks yo?! I love it.

Okay, that's it. I know it's light, but I'm exhausted right now from having spent the last week coaching the 8th-ranked UNO Forensics team. I am so pumped for tonight's episode, I think it has the potential to be one of the all-time best. Catch you tomorrow when I'm hopefully more able to discuss such matters.

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Anonymous Anonymous El Segundo said...

Also exhausted, I have only this to say. I love Lost, a few episodes back you mentioned just relaxing and enjoying the show. I feel that way about damn near every episode now and am totally cool with that.

April 06, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your first reflection got me thinking....I like a variant of your idea, instead of the sideways world being our characters trapped in a room maybe their consciousnesses are trapped IN the smoke monster? I know that's kinda shakey, but we've seen it scan people

April 07, 2010  

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