Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and Other "Lost" Predictions

I've now had a week to let last week's "Lost" stew in my belly like Jonah inside the whale. I liked it a little more than I thought I did initially (you were right, Miss Luster...although it had little to do with your affinity for a certain "holy trinity" of actors), but still not as much as a lot of people out there. Speaking of other people out there: Although I'll never abandon my first "Lost" synopsis love (Doc Jensen at EW), he is, shall we say, a bit tough to read at times (meaning he sometimes writes 12 pages of near mental-institution-patient babbling). This is why I highly recommend also chowing down on the tasty write-ups of Doc Arzt, who manages to say an awful lot while still keeping things moving briskly along (plus: PICTURES!). Doc is another smart, smart man who writes about this show, which is a testimony to its genius. Seriously, there has been more theorizing, literary-linking, and Easter eggs hunting associated with this show than any other in history. That's just a fact, Jack. Speaking of Easter eggs, props to Arzt who found maybe one of my favorites: Remember when Penny told Desmond last week to meet her on the coffee shop at the corner of Sweetzer and Melrose? Those streets exist in real life...but there's no coffee shop there. Instead, there's an antique shop called "Thanks for the Memories." That's awesome. Anyway, long aside short, you should be reading Doc Arzt because he's another spoiler-free madman who manages to put things together that I couldn't assemble with all of the time in the world and a governmental supply of crazy glue.

Back to the other Doc for a moment. Like a brilliant professor whose lectures you adore and whose assignments you despise, I can't quite bring myself to gush over Jensen's work of late. It's...really confusing and not well organized or focused. Moreover, I think he managed to read the entire last episode "Happily Ever After" literally opposite of how I read it. This leads me to the big thing I want to talk about today.

Yep, it's flash sideways talk time. I don't think we've necessarily been seeing the same flash sideways the whole time, and I think that's going to be a big reveal. Why? Mainly it's a gut instinct, but it was also inspired by the revelation from Daniel Faraday, er Widmore, that quantum mechanics are going to play a big part. Now, I don't mean to brag here, but I have multiple degrees in English literature, so I think I'm more than qualified to tell you what quantum mechanics is all about. Part of what comic books have taught me about this theory is that for every choice (or possibility), there exists a whole plane of reality where a different choice was made. Make sense? What I think we've been seeing is either one "different reality," but more than likely MANY "different realities." The reason this is significant is that Desmond was revealed to be a bridge of some kind. He's either apparently able to transfer between the realities or at the least pass information between his self as it appears in different realities. If you think about the power you'd have if you could see what would have happened if you made a different decision, you see the power Desmond could be wielding.

Now, as far as the reality (or realities) that we've been seeing...Doc Jensen seems to think that this other reality is the end goal or aim. He thinks that once you're killed on the island (or ascend off of the island...don't ask), you get transported or downloaded into this side reality we've been seeing. I disagree vehemently. To me, these other realities are variants. They are not the "prime" reality. To me, Desmond's purpose is to retrieve the consciousness of his fellow Losties and get them BACK to the island so they can do what they have to do there. I don't buy that what we've watched for the last 6 years doesn't matter, that those decisions will be undone by them slipping into separate realities where those decisions were never made (even if "they know" or "remember" them).

Also, I think we may finally have the answer for why Desmond pushing the button "saved the world" and why the Man in Black leaving may "destroy everything." Basically, we've been shown that the ability to switch from reality to reality involves electromagnetism. More or less, if Desmond hadn't pushed the button to discharge the electromagnetic energy, it would have removed this quantum reality from existence. Also, the Man in Black represents a choice that shouldn't be made. So, if he is released, then the reality in which he is released ceases to exist. That part makes less sense, but who says this will all make sense.

Okay, that's just what I've been chewing on lately. Also, I thought I would drop the following image here:
This is Evangeline Lilly. She used to be on "Lost." She's beautiful and I love her. She's been so neglected this season, if her name wasn't in the credits I'd forget she was around. And I know some of you LOATHE her character...but come on, if you get to look at that, it almost doesn't matter what she's doing, right? Right? Okay, fine. I don't really miss her character that much either. I'm sure Sawyer and Kate will journey through the jungle aimlessly soon anyway.

Moving on. Here are my predictions sure to be wrong for "Everybody Loves Hugo"

1.) Hugo ain't happy - Sure, he's going to be shown to have all of the money with none of the negatives regarding the lottery win, but he's not going to be happy. He's going to be sad. I think what we're going to realize is that the brief time that Hurley was happy on the island was pretty much the best part of his life. We're going to see him being involved heavily in interconnected ways in the lives of others in the flash sideways, I think. Almost in a Widmore-like way. Still, he's going to be a big, lovable sad panda.

2.) He sees dead people - From the previews, it looks like we're going to see Hurley's view of some dead folks, including the long-loathed Michael. Dude, if he yells "I'm going to find my boy" after he's dead while he's talking to Hurley, that's going to just make my whole life. Obviously, there's a reason why Hurley can talk to dead people. It seems obvious now that it's a gift from Jacob, but to what end (other than the saving of Richard's soul) is something we've been wondering about. I also wonder if we'll find out why Miles can do this too. Probably not. We can't have everything people.

3.) Leadership, Hugo style - Although one of the funniest lines of the season (second only to the crack about Ben being the first one to find Sun after she ran into a tree) suggested that Hurley's leadership is frightening, he's been moving to the front of the group lately, especially given Jack's mental fragility. This has led many people to believe that Hurley may be the new Jacob (or at least the new Richard). I disagree. I think he's the red herring (physically, he's been wearing a red shirt...I think that means something). Jack is still the Jacob figure. So even though I think we'll see more of Hurley in the lead this episode (which likely means telling everyone where Jacob wants them to walk...eventually arriving only to wait some more), I think it's just a rope-a-dope for the fact that Jack is the man.

4.) Christian...DAMMIT - Seriously, it's now 5 episodes left before the finale, and Christian has been punted as frequently as a football possessed by the Chicago Bears. Hurley sees dead people. Hurley saw Christian in Jacob's cabin. Hurley NEEDS TO SEE CHRISTIAN in this episode. I don't care that Michael is going to reappear. I don't care that Libby is (likely) going to reappear. I care that Christian friggin' needs to come back. I'm about a week away from sending a strongly worded letter (even though the episodes have all been written and filmed already). Don't drop this major player!!!

5.) Sayid kills someone - As you know, last week was a banner week for us, with Sayid snapping another neck and then threatening someone else. Also, great line of dialogue from creepy Sayid "these people are dangerous." Bwahahahahaha. You just came out of the water like a creature from the Black Lagoon. You "don't feel" anymore. "These people are dangerous." God that's funny. As much as I wish that Sayid would kill someone of consequence and not just nameless, practically faceless extras, I don't think he will this week. I think his victim will likely be one of the temple survivors who raises his ire. Flocke will probably need to keep his people under control, which means him ordering Sayid to kill a mothertrucker just to prove his point. He'll probably take the week off from killin', but I won't take the week off from predicting his killin'.

Okay guys, just like Ben, Desmond, and Locke episodes, I tend to enjoy Hurley episodes (although he may be slightly less entertaining than those others). I have high hopes for this one, but I have high hopes for EVERY episode with so few left. This episode was written by the guys who wrote the Ben episode that had incredible emotion in it. I'm hoping at least for those moments tonight.

We really haven't felt the gravity of the show ending ON the show so far. We feel it because we know it's ending, but I want the characters to start feeling like things are ending. I hope this episode starts that. As always, comment away today and tomorrow. Mmmmmm "Lost" night.

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