Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God bless JJ Abrams

I love being surprised. It doesn't happen very often with movies. Lord knows I'm one of the reasons why, as I pass on every tidbit that there is to be bitten on the tid. Still, I love it when something gets by us, or when creative types reward us for NOT knowing. What I mean is, Cloverfield was awesome.

I ranted about this briefly on my twitter/facebook page recently, but allow me to reiterate. The movie Cloverfield is good. Not just because of the surprise, although you cannot tell me that the viral marketing wasn't the best ever because it was, but because the movie itself was pretty damn fun. It was suspenseful and fast. It felt like the Godzilla movie I always wanted in the U.S. Re-watching it again after a few years the other night, I was pulled into it again. I found myself waiting to see the brief glimpses of the monster again, even though I knew what it looked like. Despite the unfair backlash and excessive use of hipsters, I really like Cloverfield.

Why am I talking about this now? Well, because Drew over at Hitflix.com just found out that JJ Abrams has a secret project that is going to have a trailer shown before Iron Man 2. Yeah, that's right. It's called Super 8, and nobody knows what it's about. That said, there is a small theory going around that it's a Cloverfield prequel/sequel. The idea being, Cloverfield was all done on camcorders...so what if Super 8 refers to the first appearance of the creature caught on Super 8 film? Probably not. In fact, my first thought is that there's no way this is what's happening. Then again, who knows. That's the fun of this: NOBODY knows. There's no leaked info AT ALL. Whatever it is, I'm going to be sooooo pumped to see this trailer, and I hope that Bad Robot's production company manages the same level of excitement (and eventual quality of film) that they achieved with Cloverfield. Most days, I kind of want to kiss JJ Abrams on the face.

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