Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If I had to pick one...

Thank God tomorrow is Thursday. Oh, God...tomorrow is still Thursday, right? This week has been so flinging-farging awful that I'm half sure they decided to put a second Monday in there. Provided that they haven't rearranged space and time just to mess with me, I'll be able to cover tons of news nuggets in tomorrow's Junk Drawer. This is a berry berry good thing because so many tiny items dropped yesterday that you'd have thought a fumble-fingered Smurf was emptying his pockets (get it...tiny items dropped). That means today I'm only going to pick the one I can't wait to tell you about (and, mind you, this is a day on which Evangeline Lilly agreed to appear onscreen again, so the fact I chose this one should tell you a lot about how important I find it). Here goes: Michael Bay has mentioned that the next Transformers movie...will not feature Mudflap and Skids.

And there was a great rejoicing. In my humble opinion, as far as blows to racial inequality goes, this isn't quite "I have a dream" but it isn't all that far behind. Had they been given another chance, these shucking-and-jiving, illiterate, "ghetto-talking" monstrosities may have seized any racial progress we've made in the last few hundred years and robo-raped it. You think I'm exaggerating, but KIDS like these Transformers movies. More specifically, kids of the right age. What I mean is, the messages that pop culture presents regarding homosexuality and race may have greater impact on whether or not young adults grow to be understanding in the long run. Don't laugh. If kids grow up thinking these things are okay to joke about or look down upon, because that's how it's always been presented in the pop culture they view, the next generation is boned. And that's a clinical term.

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Blogger David DeMarco said...

There is no defense Michael Bay can make involving those characters. They weren't funny and they were indeed completely racist. Though, it is important to note that even without those two abominations, Transformers 2 was still a black hole of suck from which no fun could escape.

May 12, 2010  

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