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Sayid Kills Someone and Other Predictions for "Lost"

I have to share this bit of hilarity before we begin. If you're on twitter, follow my friend Andrew (@amerczak). He's hilarious. With the blog down a day before the usual "Lost" posts, Andrew sent me the following tweets: "Can't wait for Sayid Kills Someone... in 120 character segments." That made me laugh. Then he sent this "Next year, Desperate Housewives coverage via telegraph .stop. #GerryCantBreakOldLadyCode." I thought I was going to pee myself. Just a moment of levity before we begin the usual proceedings.

So....speaking of Twitter, it was just yesterday that Damon Lindelof sent a rather chilling tweet of his own. @DamonLindelof - "
We're done. Amen." The editing is finished. The final episode is locked. In reality..."Lost" ended yesterday. How crazy is that? Between these tweets, the week off last week, and the fact that we're now a mere 3 weeks away from the end of the best television show I've ever watched...the stakes for the episode tonight are pretty damn high, I'd say.

So what does tonight have to do? It would help greatly if the sideways came into full focus, not some half-assed focus that only finally gets explained in the finale. I'd prefer them to have that final two-hour block to deal with repercussions and not revelations. I'd prefer them to have that sideways business really explained so that we can do more than understand what it is and really care about how it works and what happens next. It would help if conflict really erupted...if a character was killed (I won't say who).

But chances are these things won't happen. So what I wish would happen realistically is that we begin to see that this thing had some kind of real, natural arc to it. I want to feel like this is organically building to the end. They wanted this deadline, remember, so they can't bitch about not having enough time (a point we don't hammer home enough). My inboxes are full of emails from friends and readers pointing out all of the dropped storylines and remaining questions. I'm willing to overlook them so long as these next few episodes are satisfying. Specifically, I have my eye on this one: "The Candidate." I know what the next episode focuses on, and I'll only reveal that next week in my predictions (I don't know what happens just what the focus is on). But THIS week's episode should focus on "he of alternating hairy and hairless chest," one Mr. Jack Shepard. We saw him begin what I think was clearly the final arc of his hero's journey last episode. This one, though...this one needs to see him fully beginning to ascend. It's called "The Candidate," so it sounds like there should be some answers afoot, but I doubt it. In their absence, I need to see Jack set up as the focal point for the whole series. We opened on his eye, let's find out why. That sounded like a Johnny Cochrane quote.

Okay, here are my top 5 predictions (sure to be wrong) for the episode "The Candidate":

1.) I was wrong, it isn't Kate - I will let the always-beautiful even without makeup and fancy-schmancy outfits express what should be expressed to me for my belief that Jack was going to have to sacrifice Kate in order to fully ascend to his throne of hero (and likely to Jacob's post).
It's not Kate. It's Daniel, Jack's flash sideways son. Jack does need to prove that he's learned that he can't save or protect everyone, but it isn't Kate that's going to pay the price for that final test. It's Jack's sideways son. I think that the sideways is proving to be a physical example of the MiB's temptations/promises. It works as a test that Jacob allows as well. See, these heroes, these "champions," are going to all have to more or less prove that they must do "what's right." That pocket universe shouldn't exist. They all know it. So even though most of them have some aspect over in that world they'd prefer to hold on to, they know it's false. Thus, Jack most of all will have to prove that he's no longer the "I CAN FIX YOU" sucker, but the triumphant hero willing to make a sacrifice. Congrats, Ms. Lilly! I don't think you die.

2.) Desmond's ALIVE! We just won't know that for two more episodes - In what can only be the dumbest move ever (next to allowing Lapidus to say "Looks like someone got her voice back"), the decision to have that whole Sayid/Desmond scene play out over multiple episodes proves that there's someone in that writer's room/creative team with shit for brains. (A) We don't believe Desmond is dead. (B) If he is, we hate you for doing it like that. Either way, it was stupid. Stupider still: There's no way we see the island Desmond this week. Given that I know stuff about next week, likely we don't see him then either. It's probable we only see him at the finale. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

3.) Like this blog, Jacob is finally back - We haven't seen much of our potential Lord and savior lately, unless you count the young kid aging rapidly on the island (which I do). We've been getting A LOT of Flocke talk. I think it's time we heard a bit from the other side, don't you? I'm thinking we get a Jack/Jacob scene finally. Not THE Jack/Jacob scene, as in not the one where he tells him he has to take over...but maybe? It would make sense if there was a moment between the two when he revealed what he has to do in this final hour. I know I'm not writing the show, but I would put that here instead of jamming it into that final two hours. Even if it isn't with Jack, I really think we need to see Jacob, if only to balance things out. If we're supposed to care about the white vs black battle, we need to see the white side a bit.

4.) Ben-splosion! - We've sidelined Ben and Richard for an episode, which usually means they get to come back. My guess is, we're going to see them return in explosive fashion tonight. We know that the gang who is escaping got kidnapped by Widmore's folks...well who better to rescue them than a pissed off Richard and a suddenly helpful Ben? That's my best guess at something likely to happen: They all get sprung by the characters who opted to leave. Fortuitous turn of events, eh?

5.) Sayid Kills Someone - I feel like I should be putting a trademark symbol on that. I think we're going to see the battle for the soul of Sayid keep playing out. He lied to Flocke, right? I mean, NOBODY says "you can go check"when asked if they did something without lying. It was a bluff. This doesn't mean he's all huggy and cuddly now, but it shows he's conflicted. My guess is that tonight's murder by Sayid is going to be something that helps Jack or one of our Losties. Something that shows he's potentially leaning toward the light again.

Okay, that's it. I'm sooooo stoked for tonight guys. Last week's episode was one that shrank over time in our minds. It got worse and worse as the days passed. I'm hoping this is just setting us up for a big bag of awesome this week. What say you all?

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Anonymous Anonymous El Segundo said...

i'd say its about time. I too feel like they're going to gunk up the end with all the juicy goodness we want(likely with an increased sense of when to interrupt my edge-sitting with commercial breaks.) I like your predictions this week, nothing too out of the ordinary but also nothing too plain. I'm curious to know what we're going to see of Ben and Richard though. I don't know that they'll necessarily spring our other pals. The other thing, is now we also have to deal with the fact that Ol Flocke is going to try to kiss up to Jack, saved him from a bomb didnt he? Well now, we'll probably see Flockey talking some jive to Jack only to be skeptically stared at and then left alone so Jack can meander a bit only to perhaps have that interaction you were talking about. I'm thinkin we find out who Daniel's mom is this week. For a minute I though we were gonna just let that one go until they brought it back up when Jack went to the lawyer. So I know the sideways world sucks, but there are some interesting things going on over there with Claire and Danny's Mom, and maybe some Christian stuff too(although I feel like i've been begging for Christian for a season now, I hope that doesnt die, it just couldve have been Flocke, that doesnt make any damn sense! He was IN the hospital!!! GAH!) either way Im pumped for tonight and tomorrows post keep it up sir.

May 04, 2010  
Blogger Ryan said...

You're right on the mom. Totally spot on. It's going to be Juliet, too. It just has to be. Don't even get me started on the sore spot that is how this show treated Christian. I'm telling you, I think they're done with explaining anything about him and that really sucks. That wasn't a minor thing, and their answer was crap. Thankfully, I can't stay angry at this show...

May 04, 2010  

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