Friday, June 4, 2010

Guttenberg ALERT!

Not minutes after the Ratner alarm began chiming, my second, more pleasant alarm went off. It was the Gutten-alarm, signifying that there is a Steve Guttenberg rumor afoot. Supposedly, Ted Danson, Tom Seleck, and Stevey G are going to return to the series that made them moderately famous for a brief period of time. That's right, get ready for Three Men and a Bride. It's quite obviously the third in the Three Men and a Baby trilogy but BOY do I hope Gutts is the bride. You'll remember the lovable characters of...mustache guy, funny toupee guy, and Steve Guttenberg and the story of how they ended up caring for a kid. For years, nobody has wondered what happened to their family! Now we may finally know. Any takers on a bet that Amanda Seyfried ends up as the soon-to-be-bride? This is actually wonderful news for my wife, who loves few things as much as she loves mediocre-to-bad older movies. This isn't quite as gleeful for her as the Overboard remake news, but it's far less hazardous to everyone's health.

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