Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robert Rodriguez is crossing over

Robert Rodriguez, or Bobby Rod as nobody calls him, has been offered the director's chair for Deadpool. And not just to look at, he's been offered to sit in it and direct Ryan Reynolds, who is going to do superhero movies until his perfect breasts fall off.
Deadpool is weird to me. Not talking trash heap weird, but weird. Unlike the ridiculous, insulting, awful piece of Bantha poodoo that was Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (used to be cool before this), the character talks a lot, has an ugly burned face, and doesn't have giant swords inside of his arms so much as he carries them around and shoots people too. He's basically the brainchild of someone at Marvel who said "wow, the most popular two characters we have are Spider-man and Wolverine, what would happen if they made a baby?" I CAN like him, but mostly he's poorly handled as either too over the top or two generic. Also, he crosses over into like every comic series ever made, so I can get sick of him. That said, I like the Rodriguez move. When he's on point, Bobby Rod can make himself some entertaining shoot-em-ups, and I'm genuinely looking forward to Machete (and I thought that Planet Terror was better than Death Proof...yeah, I said it). Much like the character, this could be interesting or I could not care about it in any tiny way. We'll have to see.

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Blogger Matthew said...

Comics seem to be on a Deadpool overdrive as of late. Why not juice a movie out of it? I could honestly care less as o have an overwhelming level of apathy towards the character. I would be excited for a new Bobby Rod joint though.

June 15, 2010  
Blogger Ryan said...

I think Bobby Rod joint is the best phrase I've heard today.

June 15, 2010  

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