Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Even Weezer loves Hurley

Hey y'all. I don't know what it is that's causing me to feel like I've been eating a bowl of E Coli puffs for breakfast, but the last time I felt this nauseous was when I caught my wife watching "King of Queens." So, I'm going to make this quick today, which is nice because there aren't that many interesting things happening anyway. For example, this is the cover of the new Weezer album:

That's not a joke. The album is called "Hurley." Before you ask, it's not a tribute album, so there will be no songs on there about the Smoke Monster or anything. Rivers Cuomo is just, you know, weird. He didn't quite know what to name the new album, so he went with a character from a beloved-then-hated-then-beloved-then-hated show. You know, why not? I thought this was worth sharing.

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Blogger Sara Carns said...

Great... another "Fuck You" album, courtesy of Rivers. I'm a ridiculously huge Weezer fan; I would defend them into fire. But, "The Raditude," was a huge finger in the face, in my opinion. Come on, All American Rejects co-wrote some songs? Rivers can write better music with a pencil in his ass-crack while sleeping, not to mention he already has thousands of recorded, un-released B sides. So with the new CD, let me guess, Plain White T's will be co-writing and producing and they're going to be doing a mash-up of "Hey there Delilah," and "1, 2, 3, 4?" Ugh.... *stepping off the box now**

August 10, 2010  

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