Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Friday, I brought cupcakes

Here's the scoop, gang. If I'm a good boy and I'm hyper-productive today, I can have a slightly more relaxing weekend. Mmmm, slight relaxation. So I really need to focus my chi, harness my energy like my soul had a windmill, and not waste time making weird triplicate lists of things I need to do. In the spirit of starting the workday out right, you know how every once in a great while, a hero will bring donuts or bagels into the office? Right, it was never me either, but there are good people in this world better than me about showing the proper reverence for coworkers through baked goods. Well, seeing as how this internet is now my office, I have some cyber goodies to share with you. They're too attractive to eat anyway (I'll leave you to insert your own "much like [fill in the blank]" joke there). I got these images from Slashfilm and they're of Illinois-based bakery BlueRett Cakes, so if you're in their area, order these sexy puppies right up.

First up, may the frosting be with you:
Some of these are just incredible. The R2 one, the Death Star one, the Ewok, and the Imperial Guard are the best in my opinion, but I would be a proud owner of any of them. Seriously, though, you can't eat those, right? They have to be preserved forever. I mean, the only things I'd keep longer would be a muppet cake.
Seriously, how do you say "give me the one with the Swedish Chef on it, so that I may eat it?" You're going to devour Beeker? I mean, feel free to feast on Scooter, but the others are off limits. Why, the only thing more impressive would be individual muppet cupcakes.

OH MY GOD THOSE ARE INCREDIBLE! Look at that Animal one! Any of them really! In this instance you can feast on Rizzo and Scooter, but no more. Isn't this a nice way to start our morning? Kudos to you BlueRett Cakes, here's hoping you get wonderful free press!

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