Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tattooed girl revealed!

I'm late to the "Tattoo" party, insofar as I still have not read the books by Steig Larsson nor seen the Swedish movies based on his crime series. Thus, I have very little opinion on the fact that Rooney Mara, the girl pictured below, is moving from The Nightmare on Elm Street remake and The Social Network to take over as the Americanized Lisbeth Salander, whose name sounds like something a drunk fan of "Catcher in the Rye" would make up.
For the longest time, the rumors were that Kristen Stewart would play the character, who was best described by Reader writer Ben Coffman as "a goth pixie martial arts enthusiast firebug with a bad childhood who is now a millionaire hacker." I defy you to find a better one-sentence character description than that one. All I know about Mara is what I can see, so she appears to be attractive and capable of kicking my ass...in other words, she's a girl. Ben really liked the first film, but wasn't a fan of the second, so there's room for growth if the series continues in the U.S. David Fincher is directing, so people have high hopes...well, the people who aren't complaining about why we remake all foreign films just because they aren't in English, even though they totally understand why we do it. Personally, I just wish the foreign markets would get back at us by remaking our crap. Like, where's the Korean version of Twilight? I would watch that, actually.

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