Friday, August 13, 2010

What's up, dreck?

I grew up more in the era of toons that were tiny than loony, but we all have some affinity for the gender-bending rabbit, right? Bugs is an icon, like Mickey Mouse, even if neither have graced the big screen in a proud way in something like forever. The folks at WB have been rebooting and revamping the Loony brand of late, and it has been going well by some accounts. This is all about to end.

They have announced they are thinking of a live-action/CGI Bugs Bunny movie. This is dumb for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that I want a Roger Rabbit sequel. Bugs doesn't work in live action (cough, Space Jam, cough). Plus, he works best in small doses, which is why the return to the short film form was a great idea. Being a great idea in Hollywood must feel like being a college graduate at a Glenn Beck book signing: You're so much smarter than everyone around you that you know you're about to be massacred. I'm not saying that this movie HAS to suck, just that it probably WILL suck. I know I should be optimistic on Friday, but it's the 13th. So I'm not feeling particularly chipper.

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