Friday, August 6, 2010

Why the MPAA can suck on it

And we were doing so well this Friday. Okay, I'm going to uncork a bit of rage, but it's not going to spoil my general Friday enthusiasm. Cool?

It goes a little something like this: The MPAA just slapped an R-rating on A Film Unfinished, a documentary about a Nazi propaganda film used to show life in a concentration camp. THR says the filmmakers tried to please the heinously incompetent, human-shaped sacks of crap that comprise the MPAA, but the bastards gave even the second cut an R-rating. Why does this matter? Well you can't really show an R-rated movie in schools for starters, which is one of the aims of the film. Second, it's quite a turn off to audiences in general, as most documentary fans aren't wild about R-ratings. A PG-13 rating for a documentary about the holocaust? Sure. That makes sense. 12 is a little young to realize the depths of humanity's evil. But an R rating? Are you kidding me?

The grandstanding, arbitrary body who has no authority to be ruling over movies in reality but has usurped it through a series of deals and relationships with theaters has long been due for an absolute implosion, but this is just insane to me. No shit the holocaust has some graphic images. No shit. I would imagine it's the sort of thing we'd still want to cover in a high-school history class, douches. Should we really drive home the point by obscuring the gravity of what happened? Is 30 seconds of a nude mutilated body too demonstrative of the horror, when 23 seconds would be acceptable? The MPAA is an outdated, insipid joke. Next to the GOP members who vote down bills that they believe in because Obama proposed them, they are the most useless things to serve in any organization. So until they are disbanded by order of stupidity, until they are splintered apart by the power of their own douche-itude, until they fall on their own swords like the self-important cowards they are, I hereby flip them the cyber finger with the help of a good friend.
Suck it MPAA.

I now return to happy Friday mode.

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