Tuesday, August 3, 2010

X-Men: Third pass?

Still a slow news week, so everybody who is rabidly grabbing on to this story (like me) is only doing so to mate two popular themes lately: X-Men and Inception. I haven't been posting casting updates for the new X-Men First Class movie, mostly because there are like 1000 young actors in it that you've never really heard of.
So, just go ahead and assume a bunch of young, hard-bodied, nubile actors and actresses are going to appear in various costumes and skin-revealing circumstances. Now, as far as this bit of news, it's a tiny one: The LA Times is reporting that director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) saw Inception over the weekend, went home, and promptly ditched 12 pages of script that featured a zero-G style fight that would be too easily compared with the Christopher Nolan masterpiece. Well, good. I mean, I've heard that this script has been passed around like an 8th grade beer, but who cares? The question is, can they get it right? True, the more times a script gets worked, the more it usually feels disjointed and whatnot, but why not try getting it correct? It's not like this is some delicate piece of Renaissance art here. This is a comic-book adaptation. So long as it feels right at the end of the day, I'm fine with it. So there's your non-news news of the day. What? I could have gone with YET ANOTHER "is Catwoman in Batman 3" story. For the record, I'm saying if she is, we're going to see Marion Cotillard in that role. I could die that's such a good idea.

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