Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Young Adult project with zero vampires

There's no reason to be hatin' on Diablo Cody.

I never understood it, really. Yeah, she has a few goofy slang things that she inserts into her scripts as awkwardly as inserting a Hummer in a Minicooper's parking spot. Who cares? Juno was good, and the last time I checked getting your script noticed as a female was tough enough without worrying about an arbitrary backlash just because you happened to win a friggin' OSCAR for your work. Point is, I'm a fan. So I'm excited to hear that her script for Young Adult may have just hooked a major director, as old buddy Jason Reitman may be teaming up with his gal pal. This time, they're not bringing along the pocket-sized droll doll that is Ellen Page. They're opting for a much taller, much hotter drink of water.

Someone yesterday actually suggested that Theron deserved a place on that list of top actresses I put together yesterday. Huhbuhwha? Oh, sure Monster was good, not great, but good. And I actually gained a huge deal of appreciation for that well-assembled human after her appearance on Zach Galifiankis' brilliant "Between Two Ferns," but this is still the gal who made Aeon Flux and Reindeer Games. I'm not saying she's bad, lord knows I wouldn't say that to someone who apparently spends their free time laying on an endless sea of white sheets in their underpants doing whatever that is with her legs. She's fine with the potential to be good. This could be a chance to do more of that good stuff. Deadline says the movie is about “a ghostwriter of young adult novels who realizes she has no identity with her pseudonym and plots to reclaim her identity. Her campaign involves going back and rekindling a relationship with her high school boyfriend–who’s freshly married, is a new father, and wants no part of her.”

Sounds like a character-based indie dramedy that is right up the alley of all folks involved. I'm giving this trio of creators and actors a Syrek Stamp of Approval. I should really design one of those so I can drop that image here. It should be a cartoon version of me giving a thumbs up. I can't draw though, so it looks like for now you're just going to get me saying "Stamp of Approval." That's so much less fun, huh.

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