Friday, August 21, 2009

Any trailer set to MIA's "Paper Planes" looks good

This has been a helluva week for trailers (both surprisingly yummy [Wolfman] and poo-flavored [Avatar]). Next up is the new documentary from Michael Moore, a figure only slightly more polarizing than a continent-sized magnet. Say what you will about the guy, he makes entertaining documentaries about subjects that are vital to our time. I've often said his problem has been in recent years that he has made himself as large as his subjects (wait, that sounded like a fat joke, but it really wasn't). The oldest tactic in the book to dismiss an argument is to find fault with the person providing it ("How dare you accuse this administration of being flawed, you're fat!"), and he's given people ample opportunities to target HIM and not HIS MESSAGE. That said, he remains a vital and important voice, whether you like him or not. Here's the trailer, let's meet up again after okay?

What you have here appears to be more in line with Roger and Me than Fahrenheit 9/11. We can all agree that the guys who ran this into the ground are total turds, right? We can also all agree that congress, EVERY SINGLE MEMBER, could have and should have done more, right? Hell, the notorious left-leaner included an almost fair number of images of left-wing pinata Nancy Pelosi as right-wing pinata George Bush. I know that this won't get a fair shake, I know that the images of the rednecks talking about violent overthrow are alarming, but good God do I want to see this. This could in part be because if you put "Paper Planes" over images of anyone doing anything I'll want to go to there.

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