Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I wonder if Republicans will make any jokes about this?

I'm guessing that this has been already discussed and mocked by people who broadcast on AM radio and on Fox News, but it's worth repeating with some facts mixed in. The Detroit News is reporting that Michael Moore may be moving from documentaries to narrative films. Sigh, I'll go ahead and make the obligatory "yes, there is a difference" comment, if only because I'll be sad with myself if I don't. As Devin from Chud.com points out, it's really, really annoying that people think documentaries are not allowed to editorialize, as most scholars will tell you that the very act of filming something takes it out of the realm of neutrality (as in, why film this and not that). Point is, I think this could be a good move. The guy clearly isn't going to get an converts to his way of thinking at this point (could you imagine someone saying "You know, I wasn't sold on Michael Moore before, but his latest documentary has REALLY convinced me he's right...I think I'll set down this pitchfork and burning torch"). So, why not do something involving film, a medium he loves, with a bit more nuance to it. For those who don't remember the chubby bunny's TV show, "TV Nation," it was riotously funny (even though it was a documentary style) and far less political. I think he's capable of entertaining with thoughtful material, as his documentaries are nothing if not engaging and interesting to watch (even for those who hate them). Much as Werner Herzog is capable of both, so too is Michael Moore. At least, I assume he is. Did you know that every time you compliment Michael Moore, you block one of Bill O'Reilly's arteries?

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