Monday, September 14, 2009

Conspirator sounds like the worst superhero ever

Chances are, this will not be how the scene in the new Robert Redford-directed film about the conspiracy surrounding the Lincoln assassination will look.

I know, disappointing right. I would sooooo be there if that were the case. Instead of this delightfully bizarre take, instead Redford will likely opt for soft-focus and melodrama when he shoots James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn in The Conspirator, which sounds more like a supervillain's accountant. Variety is reporting that McAvoy will play a lawyer who defends Penn's character (actually, let's start calling her "Wright" after Sean Penn left and was seen around town doinking presumably socialist starlets). Penn will play the only female conspirator involved in the shooting (not quite the feminist leader they were looking for). The film is produced by the American Film Company, which was created to tell historically accurate (ie, BOOOORING...I kid, history is bitchin') American stories (sorry, GOP....ZING!). I know you don't get up in the morning hoping to find out whether James McAvoy and Sean Penn's soon-to-be-ex are going to co-star in a historical drama, but that's what Monday has to offer. So, you're going to eat it and you're going to like it.

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