Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fox to refondle the Fantastic Four

It's been said that I write too much. So let's do this visually.

If you've read this column before, you know that the only thing I hate more than this:
Is this:
So, when I heard news that this:
was going to be "rebooted" (meaning a new cast and likely another stupid origin story) in an obvious attempt to make good on the deal that was put in place before Marvel was mouse-owned, I instantly thought of this:
which made me do this:
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Realizing I'd rather see this

So, just in case I wasn't clear: Fox is remaking Fantastic Four very quickly after ruining it the first time. At least this means (hopefully) no Jessica Alba. Sigh, I'll start the "Megan Fox for Invisible Girl" rumor now.

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Blogger Matthew said...

I think the close up shot of Doom twiddling his fingers in the most menacing of fashions perfectly sums up the dread that this post inspires in us all.

September 01, 2009  

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