Thursday, September 10, 2009

Holy Sharlto!

At this point, I'm not even sure that there's going to BE an A-Team movie, or if this whole thing is some sort of performance art wherein we speculate about who is or is not in a movie based on an 80s TV show that I loved but was really pretty shitty. Seriously, we've rumored everyone in America for every part at some point, and now we've moved overseas. Thing is, I hope this next one is real, because if it isn't, we need to make it that way. Rumor has it that Sharlto Copely from District 9 (this guy)


is going to play Murdock. OH YEAH! What a find was Copley? This guy had absolutely ZERO acting experience before rocking our socks completely off and exposing bare tootsies in D9. His ability to act somewhat goofy, totally tragic, and psychotically angry was pretty much an audition for Murdock, so let's make this happen people. Start rumor mongering!

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