Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The lone recognizable female screenwriter gets new job

I wish I could say that I don't get why people are so hateful towards Diablo Cody, but I live in a world where people hold up signs threatening violence and comparing Barack Obama to Hitler because he wants to reform health care. I get it. Cody takes heat not just because people loathe her unique brand of hyper-stylized dialogue (which, yes, can be a bit much) but because she looks like this:

See, she's got boobies and (presumably) other lady parts, plus she's not content to be quiet or mousy but actually speaks her mind and engages with the public, which means everyone feels as though they can and should trash her because, come on, she's sooooo askin' for it with her doin' all that talkin' and thinkin' and writin' and what not.


Let me say this before moving on to the reason for this post: Any critic or denizen of the interwebs who has trashed this woman for a single, solitary paragraph had better show me their 5-page treatise on why Akiva Goldsman should be drawn and quartered. Moving on, now is apparently the best time to blast Ms. Cody because Jennifer's Body underperformed. It wasn't a flop because it's going to make it's money back and add a tidy little profit on DVD (it was made for $16 million and has already made $ even with marketing, it's going to be huge on home video, where men can watch Megan Fox as they most want to) but, yes, like those aforementioned men would if they actually met Megan Fox in person, the film did underperform. This is despite acknowledgment from almost everyone I've met that Cody nails the whole female-high-school metaphor she was going for and managed to entertain despite having her words spoken by Fox-the-word-killer. Still, she's moving forward as Universal is in discussions to get the "Sweet Valley High" series and deliver it to Cody's doorstep. According to HeatVision, the pitch was made last week, and the show is already on the road. Call me derogatory homophobic names or craft a sign inexplicably comparing me to your favorite dead governing principle, but I'm excited. A gifted female writer writing a movie for young girls. Holy shit, who would've thought it.

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