Monday, September 28, 2009

Recurring Nightmare

Like I always say, bitching about remakes is like bitching when the Cubs fail to make the World Series or when you throw an apple in the air and it falls back down and becomes applesauce on your cabeza. Certain things are undeniable facts and we must deal with them. Thankfully, unlike the sorrow brought by the eternally damned Cubs and the pain brought by falling apples and subsequent face-applesauce, some remakes actually bring joy. I'm going to say it...I'm kind of looking forward to this:

A Nightmare on Elm Street in HD

Yes, it looks like yet-another glossy Michael Bay-produced horror film...but it also looks kind of classy and appears, at least in trailer form, to be toeing the appropriate line between bringing new material to the table (the Kreuger chase scene looked great) and including things from the original (claw-glove in bathtub = the movie, in real life it makes cleaning your nooks and crannies reaaaalllly unpleasant). Plus, kudos to Jackie Earle Haley for being willing to play a psycho when he has a name that totally sounds like a serial killer already. Oh, and for not going to the "gruff, growling, Christian Bale" well again for the voice. I like that he kind of sounds mentally stunted. I'm interested.

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