Wednesday, September 23, 2009

There can be...more than one

The only question I have is whether one of the greatest movie-based songs of all time will be redone by the Jonas Brothers or T-Pain featuring Funk-Nasty featuring Izz Niiiiice featuring a lot of computer work. How can you mess with this?

It just makes you want to run out and chop some fool's head off...okay, so there are some drawbacks. By now, if you haven't guessed, I'm here to drop the sour news on your face that Justin Lin (the guy who directed the flippin' rad Better Luck Tomorrow...before doing the two most recent Fastestest and Furiousitist movies) will be remaking Highlander, the movie that made Christopher Lambert everything he is today. The dudes who wrote Iron Man (the script for which wasn't HALF as good as the performance by Downey Jr, which made it) are on board to "expand on the core mythology" of the series, which is so deep and rich that I can explain it in one sentence (two if you want me to acknowledge the second film...which I know you don't): Immortals live among us and try to kill each other by beheading because when they do they get "more power." Done. Oh, if you want to recognize Highlander 2: What do you mean Sean Connery agreed to come back then here's your second sentence: The immortals are space aliens, and the last remaining immortal gets to go home. You can see why someone would want to dig back in to this deep franchise...which I actually toooootally loved as a kid. Lin and the two Iron yahoos aren't who I'd put on the project, but this is a supersweet series that shouldn't have ended like it did, so I'm on board with this provided they get the rights to use the aforementioned bowel-shaking Queen song. I'm going to run around the office screaming "We're the Princes of the Universe" all day. Watch me.

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