Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A pair of sequels (one of them is a sequel about pairs)

First, let's get the obvious one out of the way: Rumors are already abounding that Zombieland is getting a sequel. No shit? Perhaps because it's a movie that made its entire production budget back in one weekend and was relatively low cost in the first place and has no notable stars that will break the bank (f**k you, Harrelson, don't you look at me like that). This is actually a good thing, as the movie was conceived of as a TV series and has more room to go with the characters (and Emma Stone). So, yippee for that news, I give it one angry, undead zombie kittie!
Now, the second bit of news...this one's on the more stupendously awesome level. JoBlo has reported that...Showgirls is getting a sequel, a sequel with an awesome title and plot description at that. It's called Showgirls: A Story of Hope (leading one to believe this is a drama about Obama's trip to Jigglers), and it involves a minor character named Hope from the original movie (yes, for those demanding it, the role will be played by the original actress). Apparently a stripper dies from bad cocaine and her brother goes to Germany to kick ass. The writer/director claims to have a $25 million budget, which is $24.5 million more than is need to supply the amount of cheese required. Look, Showgirls was effin' hilarious, really it was. I feared a sequel because I thought they'd do it intentionally funny (and, let's face it, if we see Elizabeth Berkley's ta-tas one more time, we all turn to stone), but this sounds like they're taking their characters seriously...which is hilarious. I give this idea four pictures of Elizabeth-Berkley-trying-to-lick-a-stripper-pole-sexy-but-OMG-she's-licking-a-stripper-pole-and-now-has-herpes-and-it-looks-like-she's-a-zombie.

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