Friday, February 26, 2010

The Farrelly brothers hire my teenage crushes

THR is reporting that the Farrelly brothers, who apparently are doing more work these days than not filming their long-rumored Three Stooges movie and making "turn off your cell phone" commercials that air relentlessly before movies, have decided to fill the cast of their new movie with beautiful ladies I fell in love with when I was a teenager (and still love) and beautiful ladies I am in love with now. Oh, there are dudes in Hall Pass, which is about a husband whose wife gets a "free pass" to bang someone who isn't his wife. Owen Wilson will play one guy who gets a "free ass" pass from his wife, and Jason Sudeikis (who I think should be way more famous than he is) will play his friend who gets the same deal (although, it would be way more awesome if they were married). Steven Merchant and, ahem, JB Smoove are also in it. But enough about people I never once fantasized about while watching "Who's the Boss?" That's right, the following ladies have just been added, presumably to be cheated with or cheated on by the guys mentioned above.
As you can see, the years have been just brutal and cruel to former TV stars Alyssa Milano and Christina Applegate, as they are now land trolls. Good thing the Farrellys FINALLY took pity on those gnarled old ladies. Also, they will be joined by
Jenna Fischer and Amanda Bynes CERTAINLY don't hurt this cast at all, although I hope sincerely that Bynes isn't the target of Wilson's wang or Sudeikis's stick. I know we like to bend age ranges, but that's just not right. With the cast above, there's little chance this is going to be a raunchy, balls-to-the-wall comedy. It will likely be more of a sweet comedy with little hints of raunch, which is sad considering how much I love the above pictured ladies. I'll say this much, I don't remember a cast this good looking, and that includes The Expendables.

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