Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Yin and Yang

I don't know how you spent your weekend, likely in some booze-filled hotel room filled with regret and ennui, but I'm more tired today than I was on Friday morning, which takes some doin'. This isn't a typical "I hate Mondays" rant, because (A) any comparison between me and Garfield that doesn't involve my tail is unwarranted and (B) its so cliche to hate Mondays that I kind of want to love them. I'm just tired is all. So that's why I'm combining to really diametrically opposite posts into one place, because lazy is winning.

First up, who here remembers SWAT? Nobody? NOBODY remembers the movie SWAT? It starred Samuel L Jackson. Okay, so that doesn't help. Um, okay, here's a trailer for the 2003 movie.

See, it was a real thing. It happened...and I liked it. Sure, it was a stupid shoot-em-up movie, but I liked it. I liked the opening sequence, I liked Jackson, I even liked Colin Ferrel in it. Still, I'm good with them stopping there, I don't need a sequel. Supposedly, the film will feature a new guy being transferred in to the unit and likely won't star anyone from the first film...oh, and it may go straight-to-DVD. Here's what I don't understand, do you guys rent movies that you've never heard of coming out in the theater, never seen advertised before, and just happen to stumble upon on Netflix or at Blockbuster? It's weird. I never see or hear ANYONE who says "I can't wait for that new Steven Segal direct-to-video movie where he punches vaguely ethnic terrorists" or "hey, let's rent Jean Claude Van Damme' s Kickpuncher" yet they keep churning out the stuff. Weird. Anyway, if you liked SWAT and wanted another starring largely unknown or mostly television actors, happy day for you.

In happier news for fans of stop-motion animation (me, me, me, me!), THR is reporting that Laika Entertainment (who did Coraline and is focusing on stop-motion stuff exclusively now) is going to team up with Chris McCoy and Jan Pinkava for Little White Lie. Although we know nothing about what the movie will consist of, we do know that Pinkava had a hand in many Pixar projects, most notably Ratatouille. McCoy is known for his in-production, much buzzed-about screenplay Good Looking, about a future in which couples are put together based on technology that matches souls, and Paranorman, which is the upcoming tale of a 13-year-old boy who has to save a town from a zombie attack. All I know is that stop-motion animation makes me happy and now there's a studio who is doing it exclusively. Happy day for me.

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