Thursday, February 18, 2010

This one is important!

Mornin' gang. I don't have a whole lot of time with which to cleverly brooch this subject, so I'm just going to cut and paste the email I got from Film in Nebraska.

"Thursday Feb 18th we live to fight-on or die.

Around 3;30pm, the Revenue committee will most likely vote our film
incentives bill, LB 1073, out of committee to be debated on the floor
of the legislature or kill it, which will mean that we have to wait
until next year to try again.

We need 5 votes. Right now we can only count on 3 but it is a good sign nobody has said flatly they are against it.

Everyone should contact via email or phone every committee member.
Thank the folks who are in favor of the bill and encourage the
'unknowns' or 'againsts.'

Tell the Senators or their staff why you favor the bill.

Remind them it is designed to be revenue neutral and the if all we do
is bring in Alexander Payne's movie, the bill will generate new tax
revenue for the state.

Try to get the contacts made before 2:30pm.

Revenue Committee

Sen. Abbie Cornett, Chairperson Favors (402) 471-2615
Sen. Greg Adams Unknown (402) 471-2756
Sen. Cap Dierks Unknown (402) 471-2801
Sen. Galen Hadley Open to idea (402) 471-2726
Sen. LeRoy Louden Unknown (402) 471-2725
Sen. Pete Pirsch Favors (402) 471-2621
Sen. Dennis Utter Leans Against (402) 471-2712
Sen. Tom White Favors (402) 471-2722

Please pass this message to everyone who supports bringing more film production to Nebraska.

Again, guys, Nebraska is one of 8 states that don't have incentives to bring movies here. Even looking at it through some insanely negative lens, I can't see how this bill does anything but help our economy and bring movies to Nebraska. Make some calls, send some emails, purchase some skywriting. I don't care, but now is the time to get this done. We're down to hours on this, so make it count. I'd target Senator Hadley and Senators Louden, Dierks, and Adams. More as it happens.

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