Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More arousing Bond news

People are saying that the Bond girl rumors from a week ago may not be true. Then again, I think they might be. Freida Pinto is PERFECT for a modern Bond girl, so I'm just going to believe it's true. I call this "the Tea Party" way of thinking: You work backward from what you want to be true without worrying about facts. With this in mind, I'm also going to get pumped up about the next news nugget, despite it's likely totally untruth. Cinema Blend is reporting that Rachel Weisz, or as I call her "more please," is possibly going to play...the villain. Not the bondage-clad henchwoman, not the "sexy assassin," as is usually the case when a female gets a villain role (because even in fiction we can't believe women are smart enough to run the whole durn evil empire). Weisz would play the HEAD of the nasty opposition, the CEO of badness. Yes. Yes. Yes. I know that the script is still in a bit of flux. I know that we don't even have 100% info on who is directing. I know that MGM is in a holding pattern and won't even be moving on the Bond film until their financial situation is resolved, but dear Lord Baby Jesus, let us have a movie where there is an Oscar winning beauty in the intelligent lead role of head bad guy. This could be so brilliant, that it probably won't come true. Fingers crossed. Don't let her look fool you, this lady:
she can play a badass baddie. She can also come over whenever she wants.

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