Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sayid Kills Someone and Other "Lost" Predictions

Folks, this is it. I am guilty of being prone to hyperbole, this much is true. When my wife does an impression of me, it usually involves me saying something was "the best ever" or "top 5 all time." I argue every point in life with the same intensity, which means "NO, YOU'RE THINKING OF MICKEY ROURKE NOT MICHAEL MADSEN" gets the same passion and energy as "if you pull that trigger, we all die." I am an intense mothertrucker. That said, I have never been this excited for an episode of a television show before. Sure, this excitement is likely to be replaced in just a few short weeks by the closing episodes of television's greatest series of my lifetime (see, no hyperbole here), but for now, I am just being honest when I say that I am more excited for this Richard Alpert-centric episode of "Lost" than I have been for most actual momentous occasions in my life.

What do I honestly hope happens? I hope that "Lost" catches us slightly off guard for one last time. Look, we know those last few episodes are going to be big revealers. They have to be. But this one, with nearly 10 hours still left, can reveal something big and surprise us. This may be our last "ohmygod what IS that? Is that some kind of HATCH" moment. They can bust out something like having Richard explicitly tell us what the island is, or give us the Man in Black's real name, or clarify one of 100 different little unexplained mysteries and surprise us. And I hope they do just that. Plus, I hope they give us a little more about Dharma too. It would be great if they helped tackle why Richard led a group that slaughtered a whole bunch of seemingly innocent people.

God, just thinking about this gives me the happy piss jitters. What about y'all? Is this a big moment in the series for you too? I mean, admit it, you worried we'd NEVER know about Richard, right? You HAD to worry when Walt was suddenly dismissed as a plot point. This is a special gift for us die hards tonight, and I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I CANNOT WAIT!


Now, onto my predictions that are sure to be wrong.

1.) The island isn't what you think it is, it's.... - Yeah, I'm sayin' it. Tonight I think we find out what the island is. The producers have long held that the characters are more important than the mythology, so what a better way to prove that then by answering what may be the oldest "Lost" question in history. There's obviously enough mystery and intrigue left to resolve with Jacob and the MiB, not to mention the seemingly endless mini-mysteries we all fixate on, so why not give us something colossal, something that would springboard momentum for the remainder of the season. Why not tell us what the island is? I'll make a bold prediction as to just what I think it is: I think it's Eden. I have so many reasons to believe otherwise and absolutely no evidence (well, other than that the title of the episode, "Ab Aeterno," is LATIN for "in the beginning"...that sounds pretty biblical to me). That's my best, short stab at it. If it is revealed, it won't be some big long "back in the dawn of time" answer, it will be something simple and easy to grasp. I'm thinking this could happen folks.

2.) Blond boy RETURNETH - Yeah, I'm holding out hope we get not one, but TWO huge mythology answers. It's been a long time since we saw blond boy running around on the island. Last week's name-dropping of Aaron in connection to Flocke is enough to pique my curiosity. Is it possible shoeless, bloody blond boy is Aaron? Is it Jacob? I am hoping that we get an ANSWER tonight, but I'm thinking we at least get a glimpse of him. This is another one that they can give us without really ruining the bigger things.

3.) MiB is back in black - Given that this will likely hold a flashback of Richard, I'm thinking we may see the MiB back in non-Smokey, non-Flocke form. That's kind of exciting. If you think about it, an awful lot of mythology has been spent on a guy who we've only really seen for like one scene. That guy is a talented actor and I want more of him. I think we're going to see "the temptation of Richard," we're going to see how the MiB and Jacob both made pitches to him and how he chose the "good" side. This will occur in his flashback and directly mirror what is going on in the present day, which is his sudden loss of faith and struggle to commit to Jacob's wishes. Seriously, you just don't know how excited I'm getting thinking about this episode.

4.) Jack attack - I'm hoping we see more of "new" Jack, the dude willing to blow himself up with dynamite to prove a point. It's like Locke circa season 1-2, which is refreshing. I'm thinking Jack may have grown tired of Richard's "not yet" answer for what the hell is going on. If the show wants us to believe that Jack is the focal point, that he's central to whatever is going to happen then they have to do a good job putting him in that position for the remainder of the season. Let him take point with Richard. Let him get answers as to his upcoming "quest" by interrogating the ageless wonder. I wouldn't mind if this whole episode took place because Jack pulled Richard aside, took him on a walk, and said "Dude, eff your 'not yet' crap, I need to KNOW NOW." That would make me happy.

5.) Sayid kills someone - Richard. Yeah, I'm not kidding either. Okay, I'm kind of kidding. I don't think SAYID will actually kill Richard, but I do think Richard dies. Maybe at the hands of Flocke? Who knows. Point is, I think he's going to fulfill his 300-year destiny tonight. He's going to finally complete the task he's been granted near immortality to perform and then be released. We haven't seen really any death this season, which is weird because it is the end. I think this will be a significant moment. Of all the predictions, I feel most strong about this one. So you know I'm wrong.

Okay, that's it. Here's hoping I'm filled with that sense of wonder only "Lost" can do. Fingers crossed we get some magic tonight, guys. As always, any and all thoughts are welcomed.

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Anonymous Aaron B said...

You officially got me excited again for this Ryan. I'm pumped to see the perma-eye liner wearin' man's past!

March 23, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous El Segundo said...

So i think the assumption that its Eden is a good stretch for simplicity, but it seems a LITTLE too concrete to be the answer. I do however agree that we're getting what the island is or maybe we'll be close to getting what it is and then that will be cut off by Widmore or something.Also, WILL Sayid kill someone? if we're sticking with the concept of Alpert goin kaput, then maybe it'll be one of those things where we'll see him return to the Black rock(again) and try to blow himself up(again) and then Jacob will let him go and just to add a tasty cherry theory tidbit... Christian will be the one to tell Richy its time to go. I'm stickin' with the Christian as Jake's right hand man/Alan Rickman to Alanis Morissette in Dogma theory.

March 23, 2010  
Blogger Ryan said...

Your prediction seems more reasonable, El Segundo. That said, if Sayid is being set up as Flocke's hitman, this would be a good spot. And Aaron, you don't know how jacked up I am!!!

March 23, 2010  

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