Friday, March 12, 2010

So far, so good...

I'm trying to remain positive today. Despite getting a wicked, despicable, nasty case of what scientists and doctors have deemed "the sniffles" yesterday, the prospect of a travel-less weekend is boosting my mood from "Hey, you kids get off my lawn" to "I fart in your general direction." A vast improvement, to be sure. Making things slightly better still is news from HeatVision, who reports that Hugo Weaving (if I need to tell you who he is at this point, I can't believe you read my blog...but he was in The Matrix and Lord of the Rings) is going to play the Red Skull. My reaction:

Yep, that's a big bingo. Although Christoph Waltz would have been great, I'm guessing you can really only bring yourself to wear the Nazi uniform once without feeling like people will ALWAYS think of you in said uniform. Know we're still breathlessly awaiting word that should be coming any minute now as to who will play Cap in The First Avenger: Captain America, the dumbest title ever. Weaving is a good, solid choice. He's totally willing to go nutso for the part and kind of looks a little Red Skull-y, even without makeup. So far, so good, Marvel. Now, cast Chris Evans as your lead and let's call it a day.

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