Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stealth moviemaking?

These days, it's damn hard to get a project even started without everybody knowing the entire ins and outs of your project prior to the first shot. So how the hell is it possible that the Wachowskis may have filmed or are filming a movie we know Jack Taco about? Yeah, you read that right...I DID say Jack Taco. Oh, and yes I did say that they may have finished the thing nearly without us knowing. This shit is off-the-rails crazy, we're talking Gary Busey-level shit here, but stay with me. Slashfilm did a piece a few months ago (as in December), a fact I emphasize to point out how far along they could be right now, about Arianna Huffington tweeting about having filmed a scene for a new Wachowski movie. This piqued everyone's curiosity because no one had heard such a thing was happening. Sure, we may have been a little dismissive after Speed Racer but nobody would have just entirely IGNORED a project from the directing duo. So we dismissed Huffington...and then she showed pics from the set...WITH the Wachowskis. Huffington noted that she was asked to ad lib stuff about the Iraq war from the perspective of the future. Smart observers quickly concluded that they were either (A) filming little bits to propose a movie, (B) doing some test work for a potential project, or (C) were ABOUT to start doing something. Turns out it may be (D): They're already filming it. Why do we think this? Well Jesse Ventura just told the world that HE filmed stuff for the Wachowskis! He was dressed in some crazy outfit (he actually referenced John Travolta in Battlefield Earth), rambled about Iraq from the future, and that's all he knows. What the hell is going on? They clearly are still working on something! They've been out of the limelight for a year or two now. I am intensely curious about this. Right now, it sounds like Southland Tales, which is the strangest bad movie I ever watched. So that's not a good thing. But these are the people who gave us The Matrix and I am willing to get excited for no good reason. If they are dreaming up something original, I'm going to be over-the-moon excited, even if the only cast members I know right now are Jesse Ventura and Ariana Huffington. Weird.

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Anonymous Stegmaier said...

Re: southland tales. I really like that movie despite it's awful first 1/3rd. Once I understood that the film was his send-up of the La comedy I kind of forgave some of the absurdity. Also, Justin timberlake's bubsy berkley dance number was absolutely brilliant. Too bad Kelley can't price together all of his best bits into a cohesive and CONSISTENT movie.

March 10, 2010  

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