Monday, March 1, 2010

Thoughts on the coming Birdemic

By now, those who follow this blog know that I spend a dramatically disproportionate portion of my adult life coaching and traveling with the University of Nebraska at Omaha's forensics team (that's speech, not CSI: Omaha shit). They're doing great, but that's beside the point because you don't come here to read about our worthy accomplishments because you never really loved me. At one of our tournaments this past weekend, somehow I was asked about both "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job" and Troll 2 by separate humans. My response to these people included a reference to The Room (because I'm sick) and a quick note about Birdemic. Let's pause on that last gem for a minute, shall we? This...this is Birdemic.

Slashfilm took a minute today to pontificate on the, um, genius of what you just saw and raised a few interesting thoughts that piqued my interest. See what combines "Tim and Eric," Troll 2, and The Room is that, as Slashfilm says, it's becoming nearly impossible to distinguish between what is intentionally bad and what is unintentionally bad. Although you may think such things don't matter, you think wrong chump sucker. While I can stomach "Tim and Eric" because I KNOW they're making a bad movie, and while I can enjoy Troll 2 or The Room because I know they were made by people sitting around going "you know what would be awesome?" I have a much, much harder time accepting something that I am potentially deceived by. Birdemic is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, covered in the doo doo of weird visuals. My gut says this is someone who really believes they could make something good (as is evidenced by the fact that the director convinced a good looking young lady to disrobe for her "big break" opposite the single worst computer graphic designed by man or beast), but if I'm wrong, I'll feel pissed. Why? Well, because I would never watch Birdemic if I thought it was someone making a joke by making a really bad movie. I can only stomach such things in small doses (why do you think "Tim and Eric" is such a short show). But more than that, there is a certain amount of good will we give to things like this if they're real, and I would feel taken advantage of if someone deceived me. The only way I accept being tricked like that is if I at LEAST get some kind of hallucinogenic-laced lollypop first. Anyway, what do you think? Is Birdemic real? Is it "fake" (in that it most certainly exists, it most certainly is a 90+ minute movie, and will be screened but was INTENTIONALLY bad)? Do you care either way?

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Blogger Bobby Brake said...

It is intentional.

And it's still pretty funny.

November 18, 2013  

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