Monday, March 22, 2010

We may have our Captain America...

Sites across the net tripped balls late Friday, which is far after I'm done paying attention to movie news and well on my way to "Ryan Time" (which often involves watching movies...see the vast difference). Why was everyone freakin' out? Because word came down from Mount Marvel that the offer had been put out to the prospective Captain America. The winner of the increasingly weird derby (seriously, we all remember the brief stint during which John friggin' Krasinski was the front runner right) is none other than my pick of Marvel's hand-selected litter: Chris Evans. I would have preferred a number of other actors, without question. Ryan Gosling would have been an inspired choice, for example, but of the many, many, many douches short listed for this honor, this is the only one capable of doing a damn fine job. Evans has been superb in a number of roles and has exuded a confidence and charisma that he's desperately going to need if he's going to stand toe-to-toe with Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark in The Avengers. Evans looks the part and has the chops, which is enough to make me applaud the decision to toss the shield his way, provided he accepts. Thus (potentially) closes what is perhaps the strangest chapter in casting history. This is as good a time as any to point out that my favorite Marvel adaptation currently is "Super Hero Squad," which does a better job capturing the spirit of what I love about the comics more than some of the major productions. If you love comics, you'll love this show, and since this is a Captain America post, I figured I'd give you a clip from an episode where Wolverine joins the "All-Captains Club." So funny and fun.

If Evans turns this down, lord help us all because we'll be back to square one, but for now, we can rest somewhat easy.

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