Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anchorman 2: Anchor THIS

If you want Anchorman 2, you have to speak up now. Unlike the many, many, many worthless sequels and derivative films that Will Ferrell has been tricked into making, there's still lead in Anchorman's pencil. I mean, the movie was so hilarious that this guy was a MINOR character:

I would watch a movie entirely about Brick. Oh, yeah, he works better as a sidekick to Ron Burgundy, but I would watch 2 hours of that character trying to live. No major plot needed, just 2 hours of Brick attempting to survive as a normal human. Thankfully, we'll get more than that, as MTV talked to Adam McKay, who revealed that everybody (and I mean EVERYBODY) has agreed to come back and take pay cuts. This is great news. One problem: Apparently Paramount is still not committing the dough necessary to get this project off the ground. This is where we come in. I don't understand the inequity in life that guarantees us 5 Twilight movies and Paul Blart 2 but denies us the unquestionable goodness of a second Anchorman movie. But I do know that the magical powers of the internets may just allow us to strike a blow for all that is good and right. Oh, sure, Arizona will still have passed a law that would seem Draconian by Doctor Doom's standards, but this modern world still has miracles in it. See, studios float stories like this to gauge public interest. Well, gang, let's turn the public interest gauge for Anchorman to 11. Let us cry from the rooftops and demand more of Brick, more tridents, more dogs that impressively eat all of the cheese! In the absence of equality and justice as a people, let us have ANCHORMAN 2!!!!

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