Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Blitz 5: Spider-woman is less sad than the new Spider-Man

I know, I can't believe it either...WE'RE STILL IN THE FRIDAY BLITZ!!!

MTV UK is following up the news that we told you yesterday about how Marvel is making a bunch of smaller films based on lesser characters with news that Vanessa Hudgens is in talks to play the lead in Spider-Woman. This is Vaness Hudgens:
If you squint, she sort of looks like the more talented and prettier Mila Kunis. Look, I don't know that much about Hudgens. All I know is that she was in High School Musical, that she's Zac Effron's "girlfriend" (the quotation marks are because the chances of Effron being gay increases almost daily), and she took some nudie photos of herself, likely so that people would be able to say "oh, I've heard of Vanessa Hudgens." I don't have some intense affection for the character of Spider-Woman, who was mostly lame until Brian Michael Bendis reinvented the character in the comics a few years ago. What I do know is that the way she's drawn...
...half the budget will go to padding. This could all be hooey, who knows. But if it isn't, it's a sign that Marvel is not going to be content to rest on their Avengers, but are interested in moving on other projects quicker than you can say "Vanessa who?"

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Anonymous Vanessa H. said...

Nooo!! I do have intense affection for Spider-Woman and this is not acceptable. Sigh.

.... I know I should have some valid reason, but really all I have is a knee-jerk reaction to punch Vanessa Hudgens in the face. She's just not talented and I hope this is all lies by MTV UK because if it is not I may cry some.

April 23, 2010  
Anonymous Vanessa HATFIELD said...

I just realized Vanessa H. could be Vanessa Hudgens. So, in an attempt not to align myself with an awful actress, I had to correct.

April 23, 2010  
Blogger David DeMarco said...

In keeping with the 'spirit' of the Spider-Woman character, I nominate Christina Hendricks! Because she is

April 26, 2010  

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