Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Funny guy to direct funnybook movie

I've bought several volumes of Garth Ennis's comic series "The Boys" for a friend of mine. She loves it, which is enough for me to say that I'd like to see a movie version of it. It's a raunchy, comedic take on the superhero world filled with vulgarities and horrifying situations. It is funny, but it is not something you'd peg director Adam McKay for, seeing as how his biggest hits have been Anchorman (yay!) and Step Brothers (McKay, I'm-a cut you). The director of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Samuel Bayer, really wants to direct The Boys movie...and he's the one who's ratting out McKay! Film School Rejects talked to Bayer, who more or less said that the suits want McKay, and his only hope is that Elm Street both tears it up and is well received. Now, I somehow doubt that people are going to pack the seats of the horror retread in order to secure Bayer a directing job for a cult-favorite comic. Still, it's interesting news all around. I don't know quite how I feel about either person being in charge. Actually, I do. I don't care. I only wish that there was some forward momentum on Ennis's masterpiece, "Preacher," instead of some sideways movement on a merely entertaining diversion. Such is life.

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Blogger David DeMarco said...

Oh god, the movie is going to be filled with dick jokes, dog f*cking jokes, and vagina humor! Wait a minute, that sounds just like the Comic, direct away, Mr. McKay

April 27, 2010  

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